Alternative Fashion Show Lunarmorph 2010

So after the Steampunk shenanigans, I raced back home to get gothed up for alternative fashion show Lunarmorph – also at the Enmore Theatre.

This time donning my black wig and tophat, I wore my Black Peace Now skirt and new top, as well as my Deadlygirlz striped pvc corset, red ruffles from GeoMythik and boots from Yosuke USA/Marui One.

Sitting at the back (instead of being in the pit with the photographers where I should have been!) I didn’t get shots of the fashion show itself. I will certainly be focussing on each of the designers in the near future, however, along with fashion shots. Suffice to say that each one knocked it out of the ballpark in some way or other, the theme of the night being “Avant Garde”. The participating designers were:

Clockwork Butterly, DollyQ, Gallery Serpentine, Matt Bylett, Of Air & Rubber, Reactor Rubber with Furr Hair, Tentacle Threads, The Wild One,  and 50 Ft Queenie. A vibrant soundtrack to the event was provided by the Synth Orchestra “Studio Serpentine”, playing faves such as Dr Who and Blue Monday as well as original pieces. 

Some of my favourite pieces were the cage side bustles from Dolly Q
(photo from Elizabeth Seares)

The amazing cyber bodices and headpieces from the Wild One (photos from Elizabeth Seares)


Matt Bylett’s always stunning armour, creatures and rubber corsets and dresses
(photos by Phil Blatch)


And the classic Steampunk looks enlivened by strategic gear & clock part details from Clockwork Butterfly, the circus/carnival themed finery of gallery Serpentine, the striped confections of Tentacle Threads, and the amazing gravity-defying hair creations of Furr (no photos as yet of these).

I did chat to a few of the beautiful people in between shows and afterwards, and here are some of them.

Some steam lovelies stayed – look at the detail of their costumes!

I snapped a few of the models too: on the left, a stunning Matt Bylett creation, on the right, Luke Markham bares his fangs.


Afterwards, many of us retired to the Duke nearby (a pub at the next corner) – for photos see my facebook album here. After that it was ska/punk club Take It Or Leave It, then goth club Die Maschine – but partying took precedence over taking photos by that time, so I have no more to offer at this time. Boy, was it a big weekend!