The Fashionate Traveller in India

Where do  I start with the awesomeness of India? The sub-continent is a kaleidoscope of sensory stimulation and wonder, exotic and infuriating, welcoming and alienating, rich in culture and heart.

Those who’ve read previously will know that I have already been 4 times in my twenties..but that was 22 years ago! How would it feel to return? How would my husband react? In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my experiences  – and a gazillion photos – of my recent trip to Delhi, Agra and many cities in Rajasthan.

Of course, being style & fashion conscious, I had to buy some gorgeous salwar kameez to wear while I was there, and there’ll be a few pics  of those too. I love being inspired by the fashion of other cultures…and I adore the beadwork, metallic embroidery and general dreaminess of female Indian clothing.

The ladies of Rajasthan inspired me with their in-your-face sense of  colour as they clashed hues and pattern extravagantly, almost violently. Even the poorer rural women doing farming or labouring work displayed a joyous exuberance in their everyday dress.

My heart also went out to the many street dogs and puppies of India, more than I ever remember seeing before. It is sad that so many exist and have to fend for themselves on the streets, but interacting with them reminded me that dogs are dogs wherever they are, and  enjoy mucking around with a friendly human. So there are a few street-dog stories and pics coming too.

That’s it for now, as I have MASSES of photos to edit and organise. Stay tuned for my Indian adventures throughout May (and the odd Singaporean one too).

Have you ever been to India? What was your experience?