The Fashionate Traveller Giveaway!

On 7th October 2009, I started my blog The Fashionate Traveller at blogspot. I’d been blogging for years already on Live Journal (since late 03), but using it more as a personal journal. With TFT I wanted to explore alternative culture, especially fashion and nightlife, not only in Australia but in Asia and beyond.

Well, I got to 100 followers on my blogger account last week, and decided it was time to celebrate!! Woohoo!!

I’ve now made the move to my shiny new home here at WordPress, and really need to get this place a JUMPIN’!  So I want to throw a little block party, as it were, and invite lots of people to join.  Cue…the Fashionate Traveller Giveaway!

Prizes are in the style of the Fashionate Traveller: ie ‘out there’, alternative, gothic, and Tokyo/Shibuya/Harajuku fashion style – big top hats, big flouncy tutu skirts, luscious false lashes, unusual coloured lipstick…  Like the sound of that? Read on…

What you will win:

First Prize

1. A 19th Century style Top Hat, as you’ve seen me wearing in my icon, and at Lunarmorph recently. I have several sizes, so you’re sure to get one that fits. Perfect for that Formal, Aristocrat, Dandy, Steampunk or Victorian outfit you’ve been planning.

2. From Kikirara Shoten herself, a Dangerous Nude /Kera collaboration tutu skirt as seen on the Dangerous Nude website


And as modelled by me with a purple petti underneath. If you’re brave (and have good legs), wear it by itself! It is this colourway, black with purple/lilac bows, that you will win. Value = 5,775 yen, or ~$70 US or AUD.

3. Fabulous fake lashes from the well-known Diamond Lash – you get FIVE pairs in one!! It’s the thickest, most out there of the violet pack series, number DL51153

3. Lime Crime Lipstick in either D’Lilac or My Beautiful Rocket. One is a pale lilac, the other a vibrant orange. Winner gets to choose!

With Lime Crime, you get creamy opaque lipstick with great coverage and moisture. I love the brightness!


Second Prize

1. False lashes from Daiso – 2 pairs in the pack

2. Lime Crime lipstick (remaining colour from choices above)


Third & Fourth Prizes

1 pair Angel Cute false lashes each

How to enter:

The competition is open to everyone worldwide and will be drawn on October 10th, selected randomly by
You will receive one entry for each of these things:

1. Become a friend of the Fashionate on Google Friend Connect (little box on the left)

2. Mention the giveaway in your blog, facebook or twitter, with a link to this post

3. Like the Fashionate Traveller Facebook page

4. Follow me (trashtastika) on Twitter or StumbleUpon

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5. Subscribe to the Trashtastika YouTube channel

Just leave a comment in this post with what you’ve been up to from the choices above…and fingers crossed, you could be the lucky major prize winner!!

Gothic stores in Shinjuku & Harajuku

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting, such is the hectic nature of my life and schedule here in Tokyo. I have a load of fantastic photos and stories but have not the time at present to do them justice as blog posts.

Until then, here are some pics of some gothic lolita stores for you to peruse.

Algonquins near Marui One is still there but is looking a litle spare:

I then discovered there’s a new Algonquins store in the subnade – great!! It’s air-conditioned and good for taking a peek on the way to the station.

There’s a pop up Hangry & Angry store at Studio Alta bringing a bit of goth to the otherwise gal-dominated building:

This is Putumayo on Harajuku St

and on Cat St

Now it’s off to my fave Punk Bar “Hair of the Dogs” n the Golden Gai. Tomorrow is a fashion event at Lumine Est involving the Grimoire and Virgin Mary girls, so there will be more Dolly Kei goodness coming our way.

h. Naoto gothic lolita fashion designer extraordinaire

I recently posted about the upcoming h.Naoto goth night. Although  I didn’t get to the fashion show itself, I did drop into Hirooka’s new store in Cat St, Harajuku – and managed to have a chat with him, model some clothes and take pictures of the collection.

The store itself is not very prepossessing at the moment, being behind scaffolding. I found it as a) I knew it was next to Putumayo, and b) because it had posters on the front door advertising the goth night.

Inside the walls were stark white like a gallery, to display the clothing effectively. And what clothing! Fabric had been treated in various ways to achieve texture and interest – bleached, frayed, distressed etc, to lend that very gothic feel.

I tried on a tailored halter top that was very aristocratic in feel, made of brocade – then they snapped me in it (please excuse the lack of make-up)

I was wearing some Black Peace Now bloomer/shorts I’d bought the day before in La Foret:

The shop staff/models (see below) then spotted my Cue striped jacket and wanted to see it on me…

and when they saw me in the jacket, one gave me her tophat to wear, and declared me kodona (aristocrat), or as I like to put it, a Dandy. Here is the Fashionate Dandy:

I had to get a shot of the man himsef, Hirooka Naoto. He’d been draping a girl in various Naoto clothes, so I got him to pose with her. He’s such a nice bloke!

And here’s the video of the show:

Kera September 2010

I’m excited to get back to Tokyo and see the latest fashion magazines, too – like Kera! The September issue that I’ve had for quite a few weeks now, was very PINK and featured Neeko on the cover.

Now, I know that largely it’s full of young 20-ish things prancing around in out-there gear, but actually, there’s quite a lot of stuff in there that’s more streetwear oriented, that people like myself can wear. I can still get fashion clues and trends by looking – I just have to have slightly tunnel vision and focus on the clothes that are *MY* style and wearable for me. Like some of these below, modelled by Ayumi and Akira (who often dresses in a style similar to my punk look).

Then there’s the street fashion to inspire. Of course, it’s often models who feature in the mag anyway, as below, but I still love to see the snaps 🙂

There’s a lot more of the colourful fruitsy and fairy kei style, as well as a LOT of sweet lolita, hime and some gal – but like I said, you look at the fashion that inspires YOU, and there’s a lot to choose from. What are your fave fashion mags, in your home country or Japan?

h.Naoto Goth Night


I just discovered that when I first arrive in Tokyo, on the 28th and 29th August there are several h.Naoto fashion events being held in Harajuku. (For those who don’t know, Hirooka Naoto is the man behind Peace Now, Black Peace Now, Sixh, hEAVEN, Frill, Gramm, and so on and so on).

Sat 28th
Fashion Show 2pm Tickets 1000 yen (with drinks)
Night: Show 6.30pm tickets 2000 yen (drinks and meals)

Sunday 29th
Goth night movie and commentary by designer Hirooka. There seems to be a sitting at 2pm and one at 5pm, but not sure if they are the same show or different.

Tel: 03-3478-6466 hEAVEN Harajuku.

But how exciting!! I just have to get someone to get me tickets…