New Rock Gyaru store FERNOPAA

On this most recent Tokyo trip, I discovered a new gyaru store in Studio Alta on the 5th floor, called Fernopaa.  How exciting!

It stood out to me immediately, amidst other retro/bland stores, on account of its rock/glam look – very much like tutuHa. There were lots of spikes and skulls, crosses, metallics, leopard print, stripes, black, splashes of red and fuschia, cool hats..all the things I love 🙂 I really like that there are totally wearable items in there, alongside over-the-top, costumey, for clubs and parties type wear.  For my money, there is more here for the average girl to wear than in tutuHa. But enough babbling, see the store:

This one is not my pic…it shows the store’s layout quite nicely.

The glamorous girls in the store looked familiar…and it turns out they’re ex-tutuHa themselves! Unlike some stores, the girls not only welcome photos, but they take pics of you for their microblog Fernopaasnaap!  I went there in the first few days of my trip, and returned on my very last day to get some more goodies 🙂 The day I last shopped, unfortunately I had no make-up, lenses or lashes on and looked disgusting, but  agreed to pics (oh, I could DIE!).   But it was so cool that they recognised me when I returned and made a big fuss. Anyway, here’s the link to when I was in the Fernopaa store on November 21st.  And here are my photos:

Ami, Morimayu and Yanitan (??) The 2 on the left are so doll-like! The third is very streetwear rock. Ami always wears the pirate hat and Morimayu the tall marching band hat.

I bought some fab wristlets  in the shape of spines, and a new eyeball ring (also just seen on the khaki-clad mannequin)…but I’ll show you these in an upcoming outfit post!

I noticed that gorgeous gal blogger Woxje has done a post introducing Fernopaa too!  She also gives links to the shop girls blogs, so take a look.

All in all, Fernopaa is a real addition to the gyaru fashion scene. If non-gyaru girls like me love it, I can only imagine that gals will flip! Hopefully a webstore will be coming soon…and maybe a shop in 109 one day? Who knows?

Bebe Outfit Post – Bebe Addiction

This weekend I managed to wear 2 of the Bebe outfits I purchased while in Malaysia. I was in the Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur when I wandered into the Bebe store….and saw so much gear I was in love with, I was staggered! Since I was off to Sipadan the next day, I decided to wait til the following weekend to try on and buy….and boy, did I!

Combine a graphic black & white print with armour, a la Sass and Bide, and you’ve got me. I couldn’t go past this magnificent top with metallic embellishment, and decided to wear it to the Deathrock night last night (hence the “out there” make-up and old school hair, which conveniently matched the walls):

I wore it with a tutu skirt and some Black Milk skeleton tights (not seen here). I like to think you can be fashion forward, even at a music night that looks backward to old-school goth and deathrock.

The night before, I met up with the fabulous SuperkawaiiMama Candice for a night of Maximum Ska. To this I wore my Bebe leopard dress with empire line waistband – I would NOT normally ever wear brown or camel, but this dress was too beautiful to pass up. Due to the weird cold snap Sydney was experiencing, I had to wear a black skivvy beneath, and over the top I added the tribal Spike Necklace from Tree of Life.

There were metallic beads and mirrors embellishing the waistband, the detail of of which you can see here:

The bottom half of the dress was in a crisp material which was ruched – both an appealing feature and flattering for those of us with lumps and bumps there!


I can’t wait to wear it again without the skivvy for a more elegant and summery look. There are similar dresses still at Bebe, and I have to admit I love the entire collection called Bebe Addiction. So glam, so rock-chick!

Check it out and let me know what you think. I think I may well get a Bebe Addiction myself 🙂