Cute gothic/gal hairdo’s

Looking for a cute and easy hair-do you can do at short notice with not too much trouble? Try the double topknot, or its sister, the teased pigtail.

I’ve noticed the double topknot hairdo quite a bit, not only in Japanese gothic mags such as Kera, but also in gyaru mags like Egg, Popteen etc.

Kera Jan 11, page 14;  Egg Jan 2011, ad by Co & Lu;  Party at Trump Room


In the latest Kera, Feb 2011 (which alas, I haven’t scanned in as yet), there’s a hairdo section where a lot of creative hairstyles are shown. Three show girls with long hair with partial topknots in their hair (ie with some long hair still hanging down, like the red-haired girl above).

The ‘do is possibly inspired by Gwen Stefani’s mad topknot adventures of the 90’s and early 00’s:


I myself used to wear this back in 2003, when I last had red hair:


But the other week I was about to do this hairstyle…but decided to just tease the pigtails either side of my head, and leave them, instead of then securing into buns either side.

I then added some flowers on a hairclip I got at Grimoire in Shibuya, to finish the look.

The ‘do was easy as, it kept the hair off my neck during a very hot, humid night, and stayed in place all night. The only problem? People kept calling me Red Fraggle. Hurrumph.

But I do recommend it as a cute hairstyle for summer, as well as the double topknot ‘do mentioned above. I’ll be showing soon how you can get bigger topknots than I managed, by making your own. Long haired girlies with thick hair can naturally get big high topknots, but those of us with fine, bob-length hair struggle.  Stay tuned. 

Got any links to cute hair-do’s you like?