Back in Tokyo, shopping

So I’ve been in Tokyo several days now, shopping like a demon (and eating like one too!)  It’s about time I give a little rundown…both about where I’ve shopped, and things I’ve noticed.

Saturday – was really about sleeping after getting none on the plane. So, I kept close, getting as far as the Shinjuku Subnade, Topshop and Studio Alta.

Sunday – Lumine Est, and after a brief stop at Isetan, finally made it to Marui One to check out the gothic, lolita & punk stores.  Yes, bought shoes, both at Yosuke USA and Black Peace Now, natch.

Monday –  Hit the new Azul/R&E/Moussy store in Shinjuku, then Takashimaya – Issey Miyake for colourful threads, Tokyo Hands for novelty items 😉

Tuesday – went to Shibuya. Visited Fake Tokyo (Candy/Sister), as well as 109 of course! BIG MONEY SPENT!! I admit I also visited Zara and Forever 21. Will have to save Grimoire and Grimoire Almadel for another day. Admittedly, I’ve spent more time in gal stores than other ones.

Things I’ve Seen Everywhere that I Like/Love

  • Skulls (still!)
  • Spikes on everything, including shoes, booties, even platform sneakers
  • Argyle
  • Houndstooth
  • Sequins & metallic fabrics
  • Maxi skirts, esp pleated, or in netting fabric like a long tutu
  • Jumpers that have big holes/distressed look
  • Platform shoes & booties
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Fake fur hats/jackets/stoles/bags etc
  • Big floppy felt hats
  • Turquoise!
  • Orange & coral
  • Statement jewellery, big rings, punk studded cuffs etc
  • and on the gyaru girls themselves, big lashes and circle lenses same as always

Things I’ve Seen Everywhere that I Hate:

  • Ugg boots (not just in stores, but worn OUTSIDE by girls – sheesh!)
  • Bland pastel pink and beige colours
  • Baggy, oversized knits (maybe not hate…but they don’t seem flattering to me, and while I like stripes, the horizontal ones I see everywhere are a no-go for fatties like me)

And if I hear another bloody Gaga song in a store I’m gonna SCREAM!! Kinda wishin she was born some other way…

I’m still coming to terms with the amount of retro I’m seeing…all those demure peter pan, lace & beaded collars, preppy looks, fake string pearls, daggy knits and dowdy aunt type gear generally. I’m on the fence about all the shawls and ponchos..they remind me of the 70’s and seem a little daggy, but I can appreciate they’re new for under 30’s. The crosses on necklaces are still around, which I’m kinda over too.

Seeing less of:

  • Gyaru girls in big glasses
  • Aztec & tribal print
  • Wide palazzo pants (as in, maybe none? Obviously it was just a summer thing)

So this isn’t text-only, here’s me about to head out, in long black netting skirt (can’t remember the store, somewhere in Studio Alta), black Cryx top with little silver studs, striped shoes from gothic brand Black Peace Now, striped jacket from Cue and striped bag from Serenade, Beverly Hills.


Yup, I really oughta check my hair before taking pics…so messy! The little bit of printed tight you can see is an original design from Sister.

Black Peace Now shoe 

More pics to come with other that I have a hotel room that actually has a window and sunlight!

Circus Lolita

Hey, thanks for dropping by and again sorry for the lack of posts. I STILL don’t have internet at home except through my phone which is tedious and slow, and we still have to wait 2 weeks to get it connected. But enough grumbling.

I thought I could at least post a few pics each day from the Germany/UK holiday and WGT.  Here is an outfit from WGT that’s a bit “circus lolita” due to the mix of harlequin diamonds, spots and stripes in the outfit (those on twitter will have already seen it). 

Mini tophat: made by me
Harlequin corset: Dangerous Nude
White ruffled top: Bodyline
Striped jacket: Cue
ruffled skirt: Sheike
Diamond tights: Leg Avenue
Platform boots: Yosuke
Cross on chain: Studio Alta

So it was a largely Japanese outfit, in black, white and red, with pops of green in the wig and the eyeball hairclips (from Kreepsville, I think). I will be posting more regularly from now on….just no detailed analyses of japanese fashion trends just yet, that require lots of research (cos it would take me 6 hours instead of 2, such is the slowness of my net connection).  

I’ll also be pleased to show you my new house soon, once I get a bit more done to it decor and furniture wise.  Thanks for hanging in there, and more soon!

Web and Weave

It was back in June last year that I last wrote about my love for gauzy, cobwebby fabrics.

Since then I’ve purchased a cobweb top from Topshop that I have worn to death, and still love to bits.  Sadly, that style is no longer offered, but here are some more cool items in either a loose weave knit or gauzy fabric for you to drool over.

Topshop cropped jumper                                  Portmans jumper (I think I’ve seen these in black in-store)


Dotti jumpers


Staying with our good ole aussie brands for a moment, MinkPink is doing extremely well. I kept seeing it in boutiques when I was last in Japan, and it has also been popping up a lot in the gyaru fashion mags such as Glamorous (along with stablemate Evil Twin ). These 2 brands really kick it up a notch in the cool-factor department, and boy do I want to buy some of these!



Evil Twin


Some more offerings for those more designery inclined, from Shopbop :

                                Kain Label                                                                         Rag and Bone


and dresses from Temperley London in metallic brass or silver – they look like chainmail, don’t you think?


With Japan coming into their Summer season, I did see a lot of gauzy capes on my recent visit, as well as summer jumpers – knitwear with extremely open weave – like these:



Ghost of Harlem

the dress has a reall great cobweb back too:

This is available at the Rakuten store Ottimo, tho the black is sold out.

…and don’t get me started on their fab new “Grunge Bikers” collection – that’s getting a post of its own 🙂

Glad News

That should encourage you to try this current trend for yourself (and DIYers can always pull threads in their own clothes to achieve the same effect). I love it when something on-trend is also tremendously wearable, even in casual outfits. Of course, we gothy types will love these in black, perhaps with a skull tee showing through beneath. Have you already bought an open-knit or gauzy top or cape this season?

How far will you go for fashion?

Most of us who are style and fashion bloggers are just ever-so-slightly obsessed with our aspect of fashion, be it couture, high street, looks-for-less, vintage, DIY, passion for shoes, Japanese style, gothic, gyaru, mori, dolly kei etc.

For many, too, going to Fashion Week is the highlight of the year, the must-do above all must-do’s. I know of those in the the US who have braved blizzards, delayed flights, long train rides etc just to get there. In Australia we don’t really have extreme conditions, so this isn’t an issue, but in other countries, variable conditions persist which can make or break a Fashion Week.

I, for the first time, was going to a few shows at a Fashion Week, and was extremely excited, to say the least. I planned exciting and cutting edge outfits as befitting the fashion-forward city it was in, cramming my luggage full to the brim.

Which Fashion Week was it? Japan Fashion Week, in Tokyo. Yeah.

The earthquake occurred on the Friday. My flight left on the Monday, in the morning. What to do?

As I had a 3 day stopover in Seoul, I decided to continue on with my trip, not knowing finally where I would end up, but in my head knowing I’d always end up in Tokyo failing something pretty spectacular.  A series of sensationalist headlines and stories by western media kept me alarmed  –  “70% chance of a big quake occurring again in the first 7 days”, “Nuclear Meltdown Imminent”, “Foreigners Fleeing” etc..

It was enough to make me stay in Seoul a few days longer, each morning glued to my laptop for the latest news. Hoping against hope, I kept waiting for the news to simmer down, so I’d feel OK about continuing on to Fashion Week. After all, years earlier I’d been in Fiji during the political struggles, and I went shopping in Suva THE DAY OF THE COUP, and had no trouble whatsoever (smiling army guys with guns waved the bus through the checkpoints). I still have two great skirts and some Indian jewellery I bought that day, and some pleasant memories. 

But friends who’d lived in Tokyo and knew how far it was from the affected areas, were counselling me not to go, as was my government. Meanwhile, those who elected to stay in Japan were adamant that the western media was over-sensationalising the situation in Tokyo itself.  So I was truly perplexed. But it’s FASHION WEEK, dammit!! Was it really forbidden fruit, or a perfectly edible apple?

And then Japan Fashion Week was cancelled. Oh, the devastation.

What to do now? I could cancel the rest of the trip – or make the best of a bad situation. So I checked out the fashion and sights of Seoul. Then I thought, bugger it, why not fly into Osaka? It’s still Japan, and I’ll get to keep up with the latest fashion offerings, see some gigs and meet up with friends.  And so I did.

In Seoul and Osaka I bought some great faux-leather biker jackets in bright colours like turquoise and pink, and fantastic bright platform shoes.  I saw bands I otherwise never would have, found great neighbourhoods, meet new people.  After a few days in Osaka, and with Tokyo friends assuring me the inner city was perfectly liveable if a bit quieter than normal, I decided to fly on. And had a really enjoyable, if too brief, time.

Would I have even left Australia had Fashion Week been cancelled earlier? Possibly not. As I go to Tokyo each year anyway, I do think I would have postponed the trip. But as it happened straight after the quake, I had no time to think.

I certainly wouldn’t have packed absurd things like my silver brocade turban, Chrome Rats (right) or D Squared spine heel shoes (see my hanging rack of clothes-for-Japan-fashion-week here).

For me, fashion and travel are often largely combined. Especially in the case of a Fashion Week or some other style event, the need to be there becomes more important. In the end, it was a belief that my safety wouldn’t be compromised by being there for a short time, that made me go. 

But I may well have postponed, as I said, had there not been the many fashion events initially lined up. The invitations now coming in for the various designers’ fashion shows that have been rescheduled leave a bitter taste in my mouth, as I cannot pick up and go again later this month or next. The finances need to recover, so even the JFW later this year is out. Ah well, maybe next year….

But enough of me. What about you? Have you ever had to reconsider or change plans involving fashion, due to unforeseen events? Did the love of fashion have any bearing on your decision? Do you travel far in your pursuit of fashion blogging or marketing opportunities, or Fashion Week?  What hardships have you endured or be willing to endure, for a Fashion Week? How far would you go for fashion?

Glad News & Heaven and Earth skull overload!

I did SOOOOOO much browsing and shopping in Osaka, covering the gyaru, gothic and fun decora stores.

I noticed that again this season, even more than last, there are so many skulls on items, either beaded, screen-printed. worked into designs on tights…you name it. Very me.  I was extremely impressed with Glad News, and the first thing I bought was this set of long tee dress in black with studded/beaded skull on front, with crazy print tee underneath (see with cobweb top from Topshop and new leggings from Heaven and Earth:


Is there such a thing as too many skulls? Obvs, I don’t think so!! I love how in the leggings, they’ve worked the skulls into the brocade design – it’s almost like a tapestry:

I went back the next day wearing the outfit, and visited the gorgeous shop staff at Glad News – you can also see her on p111 of the April edition of Edge mag, with ther great duo-tone hair.

Check out the links, as these stores both have tremendous ranges for SS 2011 – if you like skulls and bling and dark moody stuff too, you’ll be drooling!