TFT’s Fave Post for Nuffnang Blogger Challenge – Steampunk Adventures

Being terribly “me”, I’ve waited til almost the last minute possible to do my Nuffnang Blogger Challenge entry – but actually, I’ve got a whole hour left til 5pm, so it’s not THAT late!  Now, what’s so exciting about this challenge? The person who wins the challenge…wins an iPad for Christmas!! Woohoo!!

My favourite post for the year is one of my Steampunk posts. Any time I do a Steampunk fashion post there’s a HUGE amount of interest, as there is such a diverse community who enjoys this style. Cosplayers and gamers, goths and punks, mothers and children alike all seem to dig the bygone-era aesthetic of Steampunk.

I decided on the post where I showcased a fashion spread I did in Fiend magazine (a dark alternative magazine now based mainly in Melbourne). Some people may not know I was Fashion Editor of the mag for several years, and as well as writing/compiling the Fashion News, Get-the-Look and DIY segments each issue, I organised and styled the fashion shoots. I stepped aside after a few years to concentrate on my blog and travel to Japan more….but this post was one way I could show people what I used to do.

Adventures in Steam is what the shoot and post were called, and I wrote a little story, a bit like a cartoon adventure, to accompany the shots and bring the characters to life. And oh, what the heck, I may as well just post the pics below for those who missed it before. Enjoy as I present to you….Adventures in Steam!!!

Adventures in Steam

Penelope Danvers                                  Horatio P. Danvers
Captain X                                                               Lexy
The story….

 Following a kidnap threat, the industrialist Horatio P. Danvers engages the services of famed explorer Captain X to safely escort his wife to the far side of the realm, by any means. The couple await the Captain’s arrival, by the Steamfleet.

Where the Dickens is he? I’ve appointments to attend to, and a factory to run…
“Captain X, at your service!”
The couple bid a fond goodbye, and the train departs.
“Farewell, my love..”
Penelope gazes until her beloved is but a tiny dot on the horizon.
“Now to change into my travelling clothes, and keep watch.”
Before long, they have company.
“Look, yonder! We’re under attack!”
But the Captain has come prepared…
“My steam powered launcher will make short work of these cursed blackguards!”
“Haha!! We trounced them and made our escape!”
Penelope swoons, but smelling salts will bring her ‘round.
Meanwhile, the Captain has some unfinished business to attend to…
The lovely aviatrix Lexy awaits his return.


 “YOU certainly took your time!”

“Now, where were we, before I was interrupted? Ah yes, I was going to show you my new gadget…”



I think this shows a lot of creativity on my part (and a cheeky sense of humour?), and only hope it’s enough to win the iPad!!

Like many bloggers, any day I have off from work (and sometimes after work) I’m glued to the pc at home, either reading others’ blogs, writing my own posts, researching for upcoming posts, checking twitter, updating facebook, etc etc. An iPad would be sooo awesome for blogging and social media stuff while I’m on breaks at work, or while shopping, travelling or otherwise on the run. (And believe me, I DO like to shop and travel!!)

Fingers crossed….

Vintage military melbourne fashion shoot – Love In a Time of War

Here is another fashion shoot I did for Fiend for the Mar – May 09 issue, and shot in Melbourne, both in the main park and back lanes of the city. I wanted a vintage wartime/military look but with an alternative twist, and titled it, “Love In a Time of War”.

The beautiful models are Holly & Ash, who many in the goth scene in Melbourne will know.  Without further ado…

LOVE in a time of war

Military caps – army disposal store
Holly wears:
Combichrist shirt – Industrial Shirts
Camouflage corset – Deadligirlz or DGFH7,
older styles available from Deadly Cash
Ash wears:
Camouflage pants – Omen
Bullet belt – Wildilocks @ Lockworks
own shirt
Skulls swing dress & red petticoat by Raven Clothing
Ash wears:
Black military jacket – Tripp
Pants with Red Stripe – DollyQ
Balck vinyl forage cap – Bibian Blue
Holly wears:
Green military dress – DollyQ
Black jacket – Elvis 4 Cleo
Anchor Necklace – Deviate shop
Pinstriped shirt with straps & D-rings – Lip Service
There was a beautiful photo of them kissing in a laneway on the last page of the shoot, but I no longer have it. Aww!
Hair – Kat & Kate at Wildilocks
Photography – Kimothy
Make-up – Katie Timpano
Styling – Leanne Mangan
Fashion Assistant – Kelly Wilson from Deviate Shop

Gothic Lolita Cupcake Tea Party (just for fun)

At festive times like this, one sometimes dreams of a little ladylike affair such as a tea party.

Is there anything greater than cupcake love?

Hmm…but who can I invite to have tea with me?
Actually, I think I know just the person…
and I’ll make sure we have little cakes and tarts, all on a lovely stand.  Perhaps a maid to serve the tea…
Now, isn’t this nice? Earl Grey for you and English Breakfast for me.
We reminisced as I started to serve the cakes…
“Who’s that over there?” my friend asked, “isn’t that….”
I turned to see.
But I couldn’t see anyone I knew.
“oh, maybe not…”
“People have been maimed for less, you know!!”
I struggled within myself, running through a range of emotions..
But settled for really pissed off.
I suppose I should have served her first.
And there are other cakes I can eat.
And we are lolitas; we are LADIES.
We were just getting over that, when the bill came.
Models: myself and Darktower6; Tsuya as the maid
Photographer: Brendan Daniel

Victorian teahat with beaded trim: made my me

Skirts, blouses, ruffled jabot: Fan Plus Friend
My black brocade corset: Gallery Serpentine
Black and white spat boots: Raben Footwear
My silver lashes: Shu Uemura
My green contact lenses: Okadaya in Shinjuku