Welcome to the Dark Side! Etsy’s Dark Side Street team.

I’d like to focus on a little known (by me, at least!) group within Etsy – the Dark Side (insert evil cackle – MUAHAHAHA!!)

It is the official website of the Etsy’s Dark Side Street Team, which is a team and community for goths, dark artists and fans of dark works. Members are responsible for such gruesome and glorious creations as the ones below.

From Tattered Rags comes these creepy gothic rag dolls. I love how each doll has a little dolly herself.

From Mealy Monster we have this *ahem* beauty, called Fallen Angel.

or do you prefer the Octo-woman?
or this decidely discombobulated Alice in Wonderland? She looks like she has fallen down one hole too many…
I just love the detail and humour in these. If you’re interested in how their creator Nicole goes about making these dolls, head to Mealy Monster Land for more.
I’m also a sucker for the beautiful art dolls that Abi Monroe does, like this Tim Burtonesque striped doll called Vaudeville.
And what about these colourful creations from Illustrated Ink? Dia de los Muertos Wedding Couple:
Virgin Mary
Zombie housewife with cupcake – it’s a recipe card!
Some members make clothing and accessories.
From beanbun there is is this great cameo skull scarf.
They are all terribly clever and would make great gifts – not just on halloween, either! If you’re looking for something creative, crafty and a little bit ghoulish, have a nose around! If you’re a creative type yourself, why not join them?
As well as the Dark Side website, there is the blog,  a MySpace page, Live Journal community, and the Team Page on Etsy. So there is no excuse not to take a walk on the DarkSide 😉