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Black Peace Now & Atelier Boz collaboration

Since we’re on the subject of Black Peace Now, there’s a new collaboration that will have EGA’s and cosplayers alike rejoicing.

Black Peace Now and Atelier Boz have a tie-in with Kuroshitsuji, so if you enjoyed the manga and now animated TV series, you can buy the fashion appearing in it!
I love the formal wear – but then, I do love Elegant Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat fashion generally. Below is the BPN×Kuroshitsuji Striped Ribbon Dress and the Atelier Boz×Kuroshitsuji Men’s Ciel Jacket.

If you like what you see, head to the Shinjuku Marui One Kuroshitsuji page for more.

Gothic Aristocrat Cancan costume

I was invited to a fancy dress party on Saturday night where you had to dress as something beginning with C (yes, I snickered at first too).  Ever one to use any excuse to dress up EGL, I went as a Cancan dancer, albeit a Victorian one.

I wore several tutus and bloomers/underskirt underneath the big bustle skirt, so it was truly huge and pouffy. Black & white striped stockings paired with the victorian looking boots gave a cancan or saloon girl look to the outfit. Have a look.

My beaded lace over straw percher sloped down to reveal a smoky eye, circle lenses in violet (from Pinky Paradise in G&G; BT02) and bright pink lips.

Victorian Gothic Aristocrat Travel Rider Top – Fan Plus Friend
Victorian Gothic Aristocrat Travel Bustle skirt – Fan Plus Friend
Brocade underbust corset – Gallery Serpentine
and underneath…
Gothic Lolita Puffy Skirt & Long Bloomers – Fan Plus Friend
Black tutu, purple tutu and black & white striped stockings- ebay
Boots – Sexpot Revenge (but are from Pleaser)

Playing up with the other cheeky girls at the party 🙂
Oh, I mustn’t forget my other half – he went as a clown. He wasn’t meant to be a scary one, but judge for yourself…and check out the Crow while you’re there.
What do you think of our get-ups? There was a great Centurion there, the Crow, Jimmy Cagney, 2 Captain Hammers (from Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog), numerous cats and one Cheetah, a cross-dressing cyclist, a cheerleader-come-drinking coach and a Catholic Priest.
Next week is a club I love a lot – Black Cherry – so there WILL be more dressing up!

Gothic Lolita outfit & make-up for the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate

I haven’t dressed up in aaaages, and this club certainly warranted it. The flyer said to come dressed in 15th to 19th Century Halloween gear – but said that aliens and time travellers would be allowed in. Hence, pretty much any costume would fit in OK!

For my make-up I channelled a bit of Pat McGrath (MUA for Dior, Galliano etc), a bit of Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, and a lot of Japanese goth.

The outfit was sort of Neo-Victorian Spooky Gothic lolita, with big pouffy PVC ballgown skirt and puff-sleeved Victorian shrug from Artifice Clothing. AC is just amazing, so if you’re into clubwear and PVC, or just out there fashion, go take a look. I wore a big tutu skirt underneath to puff the skirt out more.
Frilled collar: No Wear UK
EGL brooch at throat: Fan Plus Friend
Corset: Louise Black
Victorian Boots: Pleaser
Cosplay wig: eBay
Straw hat with beaded lace overlay: me

I will do some follow-up posts – one a make-up tutorial to ‘get the look’, and another on the club itself, with pics of other patrons, the performers and fab band “Barons of Tang” (who bill themselves as ‘Gypsy deathcore’!)

Tokyo fashion blog roundup – great features from Tokyo Rebel and Electric Alice

With no definite plans/dates for a Tokyo return, I’m avidly lapping up piccies and info from over there.
(I WILL get back there this year!)

I’ve been enjoying the series this week from Tokyo Rebel, which is a US store that stocks rock, punk, gothic & lolita Japanese fashion. The owners have been in Japan visiting their stockists, and have been busily documenting their travels in the blog.

You get to see what stores are like on the inside….usually difficult because they don’t normally let you take piccies there. Well do I remember the thrill of first walking into Marui One, and La Foret, and seeing my beloved labels in the flesh.

For now, here’s links to some of the blog posts, as Tokyo Rebel shows you through the stores.

Atelier-Pierrot store in La Foret – this one has video too! Shop for Atelier Pierrot.


Really, head to the Tokyo rebel blog, cos they have so many pictures, you’ll be in heaven.
(All the photos above are from Tokyo Rebel’s blog).
If you’re in Australia, we now have Electric Alice, which I have written about before, and the blog likewise has some posts on Tokyo stores. The online store is opening very soon!! But before that, there is a competition where you can win first chance to choose from the clothing in the online store, and nab yourself something before others have seen it! The Electric Alice competition is here.
And finally, remember my post from Tuesday, where I mentioned the closing of fave label Banana Fish? Tokyo Fashion has picked up the theme, including a translation of the explanation & apology given on the various Banana Fish store blogs. Read it here.
I’m off to a spiffy club tonight called the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate – so there’ll be pics and a write up very soon!

DIY post – Embellished Headband with EGL Crown motif

People always comment on my new crown headband from Omotesando Hills – and I always remember the day I bought it, as I ran into Adam Lambert shortly after!  The headband is from new store Miss Me   – see my next post for the lowdown. 

I thought I’d try my hand at making something similar – and on doing a video blogpost for the first time. Without further ado, here is my EGL Crown Embellished headband.

DIY embellished EGL crown headband

Hope you found it interesting (or at least skipped through the bits you didn’t need explained). As time-consuming as it was, it has now made me keen to do more (shorter) DIYs and other Vblog posts.

The videoblogs will become more polished and better edited, as I get more used to the editing software. It’s cool to learn new stuff though, and I want to learn more! More millinery ones in store, like DIY cocktail hats coming soon….

FYI, shortly after posting this, I learned of a blogger who is a graduate of St Martins, Little Fille, who is creating a different headband every day for 30 days. She’s currently on Day 15. See her “30 Days of Headbands” at her blog, or check out the little fille shop where she sells them.