My first DJ gig at Cobweb Club March 2011

I had my first DJ gig on Saturday night at one of my fave Sydney clubs, the Cobweb Club, held at Hermann’s Bar. (I’ve written about the Cobweb Club before – and some pics are here too)

The Cobweb Club plays deathrock, goth and post-punk music..and sometimes has bands, as we did on Saturday night: “Strangers in the Dark” and “Box of Fish”.


As always, there were cobwebs and draped stuff hanging from the ceiling for a spooktakular effect:


I’d compiled a playlist of some old faves, some songs that don’t get played as much as the big hits, and some songs by new bands. After consulting with Kat, the DJ I was going head-to-head with, I decided on some hits first, as we were playing straight after the bands. Have to keep the punters dancing!


As for what I wore, it was a cobweb top from Topshop (not seen), t-shirt gifted from 13th Moon, jacket with safety pins and bat and cobweb motifs from GLP, striped patent Deadlygirlz corset, old black skirt, zombie leggings and platform boots from Yosuke at Marui One.

The Damned’s “New Rose” started off my set, and others I played included Siouxsie’s “Kiss Them For Me”, “Millenium” by Killing Joke, “Walk the Line” by Alien Sex Fiend, and my wild cards by newer bands, “Paper Dolls” by Christ vs Warhol and “Gravedance” by 13th Moon! Luckily, people kept dancing the whole time, and some came up to give a thumbs up, ask what a song was, or say how much they liked the music. Awesome!!


All in all, a fun experience for me, and one I will certainly be repeating before too long. The only thing that went wrong really, was after the set. I was walking towards Dom and there was a row of low cube footstool pouf things, but one was a little out of line with the others, a bit further forward, which I hadn’t clocked. Well, one minute I was walking, next thing – BAM! I was down on the ground, after painfully falling on my shoulder, and biting my lip and cheek inside and out. Got up with blood trickling from the corner of my mouth…and the bouncer watching. Oh, my.

I’d keep wiping it but it kept bleeding, so I realised my best bet was to cut the partying short and go home. Oh noes!! We always stay til the end.  Shoulder and puncture wounds are healing nicely now, so don’t worry. It was mainly my pride that was hurt :/

DIY Punk Tom Binns style safety pin & skull necklace

Like many others, I’m entranced by Tom Binn’s jewellery which fuses a punk aesthetic with high couture for a unique finish.

Fab, right? But it costs over 600 pounds!!

Some of the best DIY’s I’ve seen on this are from Monoxious  and the letter CH, but hell, just get googling and you can find more. Here is mine:

Cobweb top – Alice Auaa
Corset – Gallery Serpentine
Sequin Skirt – Sportsgirl

What You’ll Need

1. A necklace – I chose one with multi strands of chains so I could get a chaotic, layered effect

2. Skulls, beads, charms, chains, maybe little bones…and safety pins! Raid your jewellery drawer and craft cupboard – you never know what you’ll find.

What To Do

1. Have a good look at your chain and work out where to put your various elements. I decided to only use the chunkier chains in my necklace for the bulky skull beads etc.

2. Start placing the beads and charms, attaching by means of safety pins or existing link chains, and take off again if they don’t work.

3. At a certain point you’ll need to affix your chain necklace to something that will keep it steady while you add more beads, chains etc…Otherwise the little beads may end up on the wrong side when being worn. I discovered this was happening with my little bones especially. I used a foam mannequin head and stuck pins through a couple of the chain loops at the back to hold it firm.

4. Keep going, adding and subtracting elements as you see fit. In my case, I took off the skull earrings as I felt they looked a bit tacky, and added more skull beads in various sizes instead…and more safety pins! (I had to rush up to the dollar shop for more, heh).

5. Try the necklace on, to see if the effect when worn is what you’re after. And make a bracelet to match, while you’re there! (Toyah Wilcox/Siouxsie make-up entirely optional)

(And, erm, take out the trash before you take a photo, OK? You’d THINK hubby would’ve noticed that before he took the pic – sigh…..)

There are lots of other exciting things you can do with safety pins and chains – why not pick your fave designer and attempt a DIY? This blog Brook & Lyn took a Moschino jacket and copied it using lots of tiny gold safety pins around the collar.

For myself, I’m eyeing off Balmain’s latest military jackets that have chains adorning each buttonhole and frogging, and the dress completely covered in fine gold chain. Hmm, gonna need a whole lotta chain…..

Have you DIY’d anything with safety pins? What would you like to make, if you did?

Bebe Outfit Post – Bebe Addiction

This weekend I managed to wear 2 of the Bebe outfits I purchased while in Malaysia. I was in the Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur when I wandered into the Bebe store….and saw so much gear I was in love with, I was staggered! Since I was off to Sipadan the next day, I decided to wait til the following weekend to try on and buy….and boy, did I!

Combine a graphic black & white print with armour, a la Sass and Bide, and you’ve got me. I couldn’t go past this magnificent top with metallic embellishment, and decided to wear it to the Deathrock night last night (hence the “out there” make-up and old school hair, which conveniently matched the walls):

I wore it with a tutu skirt and some Black Milk skeleton tights (not seen here). I like to think you can be fashion forward, even at a music night that looks backward to old-school goth and deathrock.

The night before, I met up with the fabulous SuperkawaiiMama Candice for a night of Maximum Ska. To this I wore my Bebe leopard dress with empire line waistband – I would NOT normally ever wear brown or camel, but this dress was too beautiful to pass up. Due to the weird cold snap Sydney was experiencing, I had to wear a black skivvy beneath, and over the top I added the tribal Spike Necklace from Tree of Life.

There were metallic beads and mirrors embellishing the waistband, the detail of of which you can see here:

The bottom half of the dress was in a crisp material which was ruched – both an appealing feature and flattering for those of us with lumps and bumps there!


I can’t wait to wear it again without the skivvy for a more elegant and summery look. There are similar dresses still at Bebe, and I have to admit I love the entire collection called Bebe Addiction. So glam, so rock-chick!

Check it out and let me know what you think. I think I may well get a Bebe Addiction myself 🙂

13th Moon and The Cracks @ Shinokubo Earthdom

I just had to visit Harajuku on Saturday, and caught these stunning looking gothic girls on the cosplay bridge (I *THINK* they were all girls)

I also checked out Sex Pot Revenge, and chatted to old pal Ryo who manages the store:

After a visit to La Foret and Takeshita St, it was time to rush home and get ready for the gig at Shinokubo Earthdom.

With fantastic energy as always, despite the oppressive heat, Nao pranced around the stage as a devilish ghoul dandy, and the band 13th Moon gave us our money’s worth. I later chatted to him and fellow deathrocker Eve-kun.

I also met Nao’s lovely girlfriend Miwa, who may look familiar if you checked out the models in the Nude n Rude magazine I linked to in my post the other week.

Next band up were “The Cracks” – and they were awesome, pumping out Psychobilly tunes like mad things. I filmed them, but forgot to take a pic. The singer had a pig-like mask with dangly bits hanging off -a bit like one of those mutants from House of 1000 Corpses.

However, what really impressed me was the wrecking crew down on the dancefloor in front of me – it made me feel right at home! The scene here is much the same as the scene at home – the guys with the uber-sharp quiffs and Meteors t-shirts, the vintage girlies with victory rolls, 50’s dresses and flicked Von Teese eyeliner, and the ubiquitous tatts and piercings. Later I got pics of some of the boys and their rad hairdos.

After that, it was time for me to get back to the hotel and change, in readiness for the Seileen night at the Decadance Bar. This was a fantastic night, and you know I’ll be posting about all the fab goth peoples there in a post soon…

Outfits for Voltaire, and Cobweb Club

I went out to see the New York goth cabaret performer (and animator) Voltaire on Friday night – and had a brilliant time! He’s extremely funny, a lot of the humour coming from the being-alternative perspective.

And he can sing! The music definitely comes from a folk place (or in some cases country), but he jazzes it up with humour and pizazz, and is a very charismatic performer. Alas, I got no good shots of him, but here’s my outfit shot from the night.

I don’t always get super-duper dressed up – I was in the same jeans I wore to work for “Jeans for Genes” day.  Jacket – Cue, striped jeans – Tripp, argyle corset – Dangerous Nude, Corset belt on hips – Gallery Serpentine, spiky necklace – Tree of Life, fingerless striped gloves – i-socks (Malaysia).
I also neglected to post pics from the Cobweb club last week, so here’s a few, where I backcombed my hair like woah and went more deathrock (natch).
Here I am with Brigitte Handley, of the Dark Shadows (who I’m seeing this Friday, supporting Christian Death – come along if you’re in Sydney!)

Here’s the clip for “Dave Likes Dolls” so you can check them out.
With some guys from the club, DJ James, and Daniel
More kooky kids
James being DJ
Close-up of make-up before lashes, mascara & lenses added
The outfit in full
See here for a description and pics from the last Cobweb Club.