Blood, Sweat & Beers at the Annandale Hotel

What a day yesterday was!! My buds and I headed to the Annandale Hotel in Sydney for the “Blood, Sweat & Beers” festival, which showcased a swag of bands in the punk, paddy punk and psychobilly arenas.

The event started at 1pm or so, but we were never gonna get there that early, if we expected to stay til midnight! We were planning to be there in time for Los Capitanes (a cool ska band from the ACT), but didn’t quite make it.  We stopped in the street to catch this pic of my outfit – yes, it really is street fashion, heh.

My fab blue leopard punk pants and overskirt, as well as the leopard belt and lime green skull ring, are from Sexpot Revenge in Tokyo.  I love this label!!  A black fishnet top over a black bustier, punk cuffs and my skull necklace from i-socks in Malaysia, finished the outfit. Oh, and mustn’t forget the huge, dark circle lenses for that spooky demeanour 🙂
We hit the Annandale by 7, and started catching up with old mates and Joey, the double bass player for the Fireballs, who were headlining.  There were gorgeous fillies:
as well as cute boys
Mattoo, to the right (above), is an awesome tattoo artist who now works at Bondi Ink.
Jordan, left, has a punk kidswear label called Kid Vicious. Cam, centre, is vocalist for Sydney rock outfit Rhyme Abuse. Simon Nott, to the right, is the UK mate who’s been staying with us, and he writes for punk, rock and metal magazine Big Cheese. Not content with filing stories from afar, he’s been known to tour around with the Living End in their tour bus, and indeed just came up in the sweaty van with the Fireballs from Melbourne!  More on these in future posts.
Had a chat with Aaron aka Captain Reckless (ex Zombie Ghost Train) about his upcoming album for Captain Reckless & the Lost Souls.  Carly and Brigitte from the Dark Shadows were also at the gig, taking an uncharacteristic break from touring and recording.  We dragged them along with us to Deathrock/Goth club “Cobweb” afterwards – but more on this later.
The band that stopped us socialising in the front bar and compelled us to go in and watch, was The Rumjacks. Superb!! An irish pogues/punk kind of band with killer gritty, gravelly vocals and a real driving force. I’d not seen them before, but the music was raw and infectious, and I danced my ass off.
The Casino Rumblers I had seen before, but their show was even more polished and assured, yet maintaining that raw badass vibe we know and love. Somewhere between psychobilly and punk, yet with a killer horn section, they kind of defy description.
 Sydney City Trash I hadn’t seen in a while, and was  incredibly impressed with. Billed as country punk, to me they are hard folk punk – I don’t like country but I love these guys!
Finally it was time for the headlining act from Melbourne, The Fireballs – and what a freaking show!!
Joey the double bass player came out in what looked like his boxers, and had a six-pack to die for! Not bad given that these guys have been around for years, and he’s no spring chicken.
the other band members weren’t too shabby either.
In the moshpit it was going off!! I got dragged in for a minute, but didn’t stay.
The Fireballs played ferocious psychobilly til we were all wrung out – but we still cried for more when they announced it was their last song. They managed to knock another one out before kicking the drum kit over and calling it a night. Phew! It had been a great night, and I’ll be sure to attend the next one.
Seriously, if you’re into punk or psychobilly, check out the links and listen to all these bands. I guarantee there’ll be a few that’ll blow your socks off.
Before I left, I picked up a copy of the new aussie punk magazine “Renegades Empire“. Today I read it cover to cover; it’s a great resource for upcoming gigs and cd releases,  and a fab read.  They also have a blog, so you can keep up to date with punk gigs in Australia.
After the Annandale, it was time to check out the new Sydney Deathrock/Goth/Batcave/Punk night called Cobweb. Part 2 of my night is coming up…stay tuned..

Dolly Eye Green Circle Lenses

For the Big Day Out, I wore the Dolly Eye green lenses from Pinky Paradise.

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Brand : DollyEye

Comfort: 6 out of 10
Colour: 8 out of 10

Here is the picture from the website

and my picture, without flash (the left one is correct side up)
and with flash

I have to say, these are not the most comfortable, and my eyes were watering from when I put them in. They seemed a lit worse than the Violet Dolly Eyes I wore the other week. I took some pics in the cab on the way to the BDO here, and my eyes are obviously a bit watery.

Colourwise I really liked them. They were a nice grass green, which went really well with my outfit (see my tank top below), as well as my natural eye colour which peeked through the centre circle near the pupil. They were bright, but also quite natural looking, albeit slightly larger with the dark ring around the outside.
But alas, we’d been there for less than an hour and I had to take them out and put ordinary ones back in. Occasionally I had tears coming from my inner eyes, and while the contacts didn’t actually hurt, the watering was annoying. I will soak them well and try them again for short periods, but I’m not holding my breath.

G&G BT Korean Circle Lenses in Sky Blue

Over the past few days while I’ve been away from the blog I’ve been trying a few more lenses. My favourite so far is…
the G&G; BT 02 lens in sky blue.

Diameter 14.0
Base Curve 8.6
Water 38%
1 Yr
Comfort – I rate them 8 or 9 out of 10.
Colour – love them, so def 9 out of 10.

This is how they look in the contact lens case, in daylight without flash
and with flash
and on me with flash

With natural light and no flash it’s plain blue rather than aqua.
I could wear these for hours and hours (and have, on 2 different nights now). They are extremely comfortable to me, did not irritate my eyes at all, and I could barely feel them there.
Colourwise they go extremely well with my hair. The colour is bright enough for me, but looks reasonably natural from a slight distance – see below.  It also goes well with the green of my natural eye, which shows through in the middle circle. I prefer these to the violet ones I’ve worn so far. The black ring around the outside does give it a dolly look with slight enlargement, despite only being 14.0 in diameter.
Close up, and in photos with flash, they are KAPOW!  I’m going to be wearing these babies a lot.

Changing your look with contacts – Korean Circle Lenses. Violet DollyEye lenses.

I love changing my look (no surprise there), and I love it when I discover a new way to change my appearance.

Now, I’ve been wearing contact lenses for I-don’t-know-how-many-years, and as soon as I was aware of coloured ones I started wearing them. Blue, aqua, green, violet; I tried them all. Then when I got into the alternative subculture I discovered Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses and started wearing those, with Devil’s Eyes being my first. (I may just do a few posts showing the various ones I’ve worn over the years).

The latest craze I’m only just getting into is Korean eye-enlarging circle lenses. They’ve been around a while, but since I’m not in the Gyaru scene I was slow to catch on.

Circle lenses feature heavily in the japanese Gyaru mags Popteen and Ageha (but as I don’t read these I’ve been behind on the trend).

However, I started seeing doll-eyed girls in goth-punk lolita mags I read like Kera. I knew there was something cool but artificial looking about them, and I knew they were coloured lenses, but I didn’t know they were lenses formulated specifically to make your eyes look bigger.

In some cases, the actual diameter of the lens is bigger than normal, and a black ring around the outside also makes the iris look bigger. Intriguing!

Since I’ve become fascinated with this trend, I’ve looked through blogs (like Chaigyaru and Xiaxue) and Youtube posts and seen how the lenses look on asian girls – but there’s not many pics of caucasian girls wearing them. The best source I’ve found is the soompi circle lens photobucket page.

I ordered a batch of different ones in my fave colours of blue, green and violet, from Pinky Paradise – and got them yesterday! So exciting 🙂

The first pair I wore out are the Dolly Eye lenses in Violet. Here is a pic of the lens from the Pinky Paradise website:

And this is how they look on me – photos were taken with flash on; no photo editing, just cropped.
But first, eyes without lenses.
Now, one in and one out
Now obviously up close they look fake as all get out, and you can see that they aren’t quite centred on my pupil. However, from further away they look more natural. Here I am with some fellow coloured lens gals.

And while I’m camwhoring, here’s my Purpur outfit that I wore to the club (earlier Purpur post here). I forgot my military cap tho – doh!

But back to the lenses. They were fairly comfortable compared to some others that I’ve worn – but as these are the first circle lenses I’ve tried, I can’t compare them as yet to other circle lenses. I wore them for around 8 hours, and they were fine apart from occasional eye watering in the air-conditioned club.

I think they probably look better on dark brown eyes, as there is a big non-coloured section in the middle to make the pupil look bigger – but this doesn’t work if you have pale eyes like me. And close up you can tell if the lens is
n’t centred on the pupil. Nonetheless, it made my eyes look pretty, so I’m happy with that.

To see more people wearing these lenses, see the Dolly Eye Violet page in the Soompi photobucket album.

I’ll be comparing these shortly to 2 other Violet lenses I ordered, the Barbie Big Size and the G&G; BT02.