Romance Was Born jacket, Peace Now skirt

The other week, I got a tip off from Emily of Little Black Book that Romance Was Born was having a sample sale. I deliberated a long time between buying a pink/purple dress that exactly matched the colour of my hair (heavily embellished with safety pins, no less!), and a tuxedo jacket with pointed hem.

While the dress had the bling factor, I don’t know how often I’d wear it. Whereas a good tailored jacket…well, it becomes a wardrobe staple, doesn’t it? Cost per wear, it definitely is the best option, despite being 3 or 4 times what I would normally pay for a jacket.

I wore it out on Saturday night, pairing it with a ruffled blouse from ebay that I’ve had for several years, and a new Peace Now skirt I bought in Japan a few weeks ago (it’s a gothic lolita brand). The skirt is a gorgeous high-waisted design with diagonal stripes in black & taupe, with lovely pleated details and a pointed hem. Enough babbling; here’s the outfit.

Lack of good pics, however, meant that I had to recreate the look at home.  This time I wore thigh high boots instead of the spiky wedges.  I like how the skirt matches the zebra light switch.

And now with the jacket on – see the serrated hem edge?
It has a great nipped in waist and folded material detail
The jacket is absolutely beautiful, and with the ruffled blouse has an equestrian/lolita feel. I think a riding hat may have been in order, actually.
I wore odd circle lenses on the night, both DollyEye, but one in Green and one Violet.  Not to be a Manson or Bowie wannabe, but one of the violets was irritating my eye, and this was my last minute solution. No-one seemed to notice.

Outfit of the Day – Elegant Rockabilly

We went to the Stray Cat Club, and so a few hours earlier, I had to make preparations while my other half got his beauty sleep…

Yes, for the first time in years I got the ole rollers out and gave myself a ‘set’. I attempted the job with an old heated curling tong, but the hair kept tangling, so out came the velcros and the setting spray.
For the vintage look, I used a lot more white eyeshadow than I normally would, and also had to remember not to put much colour beneath the lower lashes (and no lining the inner eye in black either!)  Then I drew a darker thicker brow than normal, and of course, thick black eyeliner, lashes and red lips.
For my outfit, I wore a black skirt which kicked out at the knee with a pouffy tulle layer – it came from Beyond the Trap Door in Perth. The spotted corset was from Camden Markets, and I threw on my Cue belt over the top for added impact. The little black top had dots in it to match the corset and came from a trip to Brisbane a few years ago.
Of course, I didn’t wear the fur, as it is still too warm in Sydney at the moment. I just  wanted to try it on as it seemed to fit the look. Hopefully in a few months it will be cool enough to start wearing jackets and stoles 🙂
It took me back to another era last night, hearing the music and watching the dance moves. It was the era when my mother was young – she used to go to dances and knew all the moves. Unfortunately she is 10 years gone now, but she would have loved it.
After watching the cool couples twirling around last night, I’m even thinking about dance lessons myself. I can do Latin American a little, but have never learned to jive and swing. Maybe when I get back from Japan…
Have you learned to dance – jive, jitterbug, flamenco or otherwise?

Blue DollyEye Korean circle lenses – compared with Dueba and G&G BT

So you know I have a recent passion for eye-enlarging Korean circle lenses.

Today I wore the DollyEye lenses in blue from Pinky Paradise.

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Brand : DollyEye (came in EOS vial)
Comfort: 6 out of 10
Colour: 8.5 out of 10
The pic from the website:
And my photo (pictures have been cropped, but not photo edited in any way).
My eyes without any lenses
And now, with one lens in, for comparison
You can see there’s quite a colour and size difference
Now with both in, first in natural light (as the pics above are)
then with flash on
It’s an intense cornflower blue that’s really pleasing, although if you look closely, the left eye here is slightly brighter than the right one. I checked, and yep, they’re from different batches. You’d really have to be staring to notice this, though! Overall I’m giving them an 8.5.
Now, the comfort factor is where these lovelies let me down. I found the same with the Dolly Eyes in violet, and DEFINITELY with the green ones. I just don’t know if I could wear these all night.  Great for a photoshoot, a short trip out for a meal, or a party at home, but all night clubbing? No way. I’m being fairly generous and rating these 6 out of 10, because I did watch tv for a while, and they didn’t make my eyes water like the green ones.
I thought it would be useful to compare these with the other two blue/aqua ones I have, in case any readers are tossing up which one of these to get.
First, the Dueba Messish MX21 lens in aqua, natural light
and now with flash
The DollyEye is definitely brighter, and slightly bigger (it IS .2mm larger), but the Messish look more evil, and alien-like on my eyes.
And now compared to my current favourites, the G&G; BT lenses in sky blue
and with flash
Again, the DollyEyes are slightly bigger, but each are bright as anything colourwise. The G&G; BT’s look a little more natural, and are definitely more comfortable, so overall stay at the top of my hit list when it comes to my circle lenses.
But I will wear them all – it will depend on what I’m wearing as to whether I’ll prefer a turquoise or a cornflower blue lens. The darker one will go well with uber goth outfits – or possibly that AC/DC concert on Saturday night…and Soundwave the day after….
Do any of my readers wear circle lenses? What are your favourites?

The Cobweb Club – and out come the bats!

Saturday night, when Blood Sweat & Beers was over, we headed off to the next exciting event of the night – the Cobweb Club.

Cobweb is a Sydney Deathrock party, run by James of Beat Poet and Cat Katerwaul, (who also does the monthly club Ascension at the Sly Fox), billed as “another dose of batcave, trad goth, deathrock, post-punk, punk and coldwave for Sydney bat people”.  DJ’s were Cat, Unexpected Guest, Anorexic Dead and Inksucker.

We were told to “expect to hear the likes of Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, Rosetta Stone, Sisters of Mercy, Las Gorgonas, The Cemetary Girlz, Frustration, Opera De Nuit, Bunker Strasse, 45 Grave, Red Zebra, Malaria!, Specimen, Plastique Noir, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Death Cult, Deadchovsky, Sexbeat, Bauhaus, Skeletal Family, Rudimentary Peni, Acid Bats, Kas Product, Fields of the Nephilim, Fad Gadget, Corpus Delicti and plenty of tracks from the new Zorch compilation ‘Zoundbies’.

The setlist for Cobweb club is here.

I caught a ride with Brigitte and Carly (from the Dark Shadows), and the awesome Will (who goes to all the punk gigs and clubs in Sydney). Just as we arrived, so did masses of other punters, and the place exploded with people and big hair! In the centre here is DJ Inksucker.

The club had an awesome vibe and great music. My rockabilly friends had a fun time as well as the goths, postpunks and batcavers. The decor was fun, with cobweb ribcages suspended from the ceiling, and skeletons and bats everywhere.  If you were in a certain frame of mind, it could amuse you for hours…

And there were other unexplained phenomena as well – I went to take a sip of my beer and look what had landed in it!
It came from outer space…
I took a spin on the dancefloor before going back to drunken socialising and taking happy snaps. There were bats, spiders, bones and skeletons galore on the patrons as well as the walls.
Some of the other hotties on the night were Rachel Black, art director extraordinaire who also writes for alternative zine The Independent Voice, Emily from fashion label Baroque & Roll (see my post here for more),
and James from Beat Poet menswear (below; I’ll definitely be writing about this label soon – they’ve been showing at Sydney Fashion Week for several years). The usual suspects also attended, including Trashley of Altering Images hair salon and who runs too many clubs to mention, and Douglas Voodoo of Die Maschine club fame.

Cobweb Club will be hosting the Sydney leg of the Christian Death tour in August! So you KNOW you wanna be there if you’re a goth or deathrocker in Sydney.

Dueba Messish MX21 aqua circle lens review

Just a quick lens review post before I go on with the clubbing posts.

On Saturday night I wore the Dueba Messish MX21 lens in aqua, from Pinky Paradise.

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.0mm

Water Content : 38%
Brand: Dueba

Colour: 7 out of 10
Comfort: 8 or 9 out of 10 (equal to the G&G; BT lenses)
Enlargement: 9 out of 10

I whacked these babies in straight form the vial just before heading out, so I was a little concerned my eyes would be upset – but I wore them for HOURS!!

Although only 14.0, not 14.2 or 14.5 like many others, they gave a really enlarging, weird-dolly effect.

Colour-wise, sadly the blue wasn’t very bright, but the black ring and striations round the edge gave me a dark spooky look I kinda liked. Perfect for punk gigs and deathrock clubs, which I was wearing them to.

Some pics in natural daylight, without flash:

and now one with flash – the blue is a bit more aqua
Even from afar, they looked a bit weird because of the darkness and enlargement, and I liked that. To me, I looked a little like Willow in Buffy when she went evil (I really should try some pure black ones) . I enhanced the weirdness a little with false eyelashes (IPD brand) from i-socks, 4th floor Berjaya Times Square in Malaysia. I placed them a little outside my normal lash line (under eye area only) to make my eyes look even bigger.  My pinky-mauve lipstick is Airborne Unicorn, by Lime Crime.

All in all, I really liked them, despite the lack of real aqua-ness The comfort and enlargement were their best features, and I’ll certainly be wearing them many times more.