Leopard dress at Newtown Station

Just a short one today – time for an outfit shot.  It’s my new fave Bebe dress, which I wore to my work’s Christmas Party dinner. Readers will have seen this on me before…but gasp! It’s not in my apartment but outdoors. I liked the way the railway tracks converge and how I have a train running into my head in the second picture, heh.

I choose to live near railway stations so I don’t have to rely on a car. Perhaps because I work in traffic and see the results each day of too many cars with single occupants in them, clogging the city’s arteries, I want to do my bit to alleviate this. It is also becoming obvious that it is kinder to the environment to use mass transit than personal transport. So I either take the train to/from work, or I walk (about 35 minutes). My husband cycles to/from work, and we mostly use public transport to get to social engagements, or taxis when that is more convenient.

We sometimes use a car-share system when we want a car for the afternoon – GoGet being the one of our choice. This means we don’t have to pay for the upkeep and insurance of a car, constantly find a park, etc etc.

Anyway, that’s enough of my personal transport philosophy. Back to the look.  It’s more of a natural make-up look with no false lashes and just a touch of glitter at the inner corners…but as always, I’m wearing my fave aqua G&G BT circle lenses!

The only problem was, after several pubs in the city, we could not get a cab to stop for love nor money, and went into Blink night-club to have a dance and a few more drinks. Everyone else was in indistrial, goth or metal gear – out of place much? I still had a really good time, but boy, was I the most vanilla looking one in the place.

What did you wear to your work’s Christmas do?

Dolly Kei outfit

I decided I wanted to try a Dolly Kei outfit (or 2) based on the skirt I bought in Grimoire recently.

I constantly marvel at how Hitomi, Kaori, Heri etc, seem to effortlessly build their layered outfits to such great effect. At fashion events I’ve attended, you can easily see other Dolly Kei girls too – there really is a recognisable style. But being able to recognise it, is way easier than being able to duplicate it. Here goes….

Here’s how I got the look, step-by-step:

1.  I put on the skirt (in black with pinks & mustard tones), and paired it with a Perri Cutten blouse in a central asian paisley print.
2. Then I added a gold fabric wrap belt, embellished with beads and sequins, as well as a camel coloured fur gilet.


3. Next I added a light scarf in paisley (again) in similar tones, as well as gold fringing.
4. Then I placed the all-important tassels around my neck, along with a beetle encased in resin as a necklace.


Some more detail shots – such colours, pattern, textures!!


5. Not having any floral tights, I merely added flesh coloured fishnets, and orange shoes to pick up on the warm tones.


As a finishing touch, I wore the floral brooch/headpiece I also bought at Grimoire. I tried on my dark blood-red coloured velvet cape from Virgin Mary, but think it may be a bit dark – what do you think?


I then tried on a grey-flecked fake fur throw around my shoulders:


I wanted to try something I could wear in the warmer months, with some layering but still cool, so put on a sleeveless chiffon paisley print tank top in reds & oranges, and took off the fur:



And of course I had to have gyaru/dolly lashes and make-up (like the orange Lime Crime lipstick, also used as blusher), as well as my fave G&G BT circle lenses in aqua.


There are a few typical DK items I missed in my outfit – can you pick what they are? What would you have added to this outfit – or taken away?

The Fashionate Traveller interviewed by France 24 about Circle Lenses

Just a quickie…

I was interviewed by France24 about circle lenses….see the written article where they interview Violet LeBeaux as well. They put three different stories on the one video here, and my interview is the last one, running from around 3 minutes 40 til 4 minutes 30.

The written article is slanted against circle lens wearing, and is most annoying in its assertion that everyone who wears circle lenses is copying Lady Gaga. As IF! Some of the idiot comments following the article too, show little understanding of the lenses or awareness that people may be following hygienic practises and been to the Optometrist first.

Ah well, the story will blow over and we’ll still be wearing our circle lenses, right?

If you’re new to this, my new blogsite, what do you think?

Gothic Aristocrat Cancan costume

I was invited to a fancy dress party on Saturday night where you had to dress as something beginning with C (yes, I snickered at first too).  Ever one to use any excuse to dress up EGL, I went as a Cancan dancer, albeit a Victorian one.

I wore several tutus and bloomers/underskirt underneath the big bustle skirt, so it was truly huge and pouffy. Black & white striped stockings paired with the victorian looking boots gave a cancan or saloon girl look to the outfit. Have a look.

My beaded lace over straw percher sloped down to reveal a smoky eye, circle lenses in violet (from Pinky Paradise in G&G; BT02) and bright pink lips.

Victorian Gothic Aristocrat Travel Rider Top – Fan Plus Friend
Victorian Gothic Aristocrat Travel Bustle skirt – Fan Plus Friend
Brocade underbust corset – Gallery Serpentine
and underneath…
Gothic Lolita Puffy Skirt & Long Bloomers – Fan Plus Friend
Black tutu, purple tutu and black & white striped stockings- ebay
Boots – Sexpot Revenge (but are from Pleaser)

Playing up with the other cheeky girls at the party 🙂
Oh, I mustn’t forget my other half – he went as a clown. He wasn’t meant to be a scary one, but judge for yourself…and check out the Crow while you’re there.
What do you think of our get-ups? There was a great Centurion there, the Crow, Jimmy Cagney, 2 Captain Hammers (from Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog), numerous cats and one Cheetah, a cross-dressing cyclist, a cheerleader-come-drinking coach and a Catholic Priest.
Next week is a club I love a lot – Black Cherry – so there WILL be more dressing up!

Back In Green – quirky gothic outfit & circle lens post

Just a quickie today as I’m off to the alternative designers market Worn Wild Sydney.

With my hair and make-up being purple, I decided to throw some green into the mix for a pop of contrast. I guess it’s quirky gothic lolita, with a touch of the Gwen Stefani. I also threw on some green tights in zebra print, and my spiky platform wedges.

Lime green houndstooth bolero jacket – House of Fetish, designer Andru Chrisst*
PVC Victorian puff sleeve blouse – Artifice Clothing
Green leopard bow with cameo and beads – one off from DestroyX (see more pics here)
Black brocade corset – Gallery Serpentine
Black gauzy layered skirt with pearls – Banana Fish (sadly, no more)
*Andru is going to be at Worn Wild today*
Of course I had to co-ordinate with green lenses, and added false lashes top and bottom.
Lenses – Green DollyEye Korean circle lenses
Top lashes – StarLash (from Japan, but Korean made)
Bottom Lashes – Shu Uemura (black mini crystal)
Eyeshadows – purple from Manic Panic and LimeCrime
Purple Lipstick – Australis Moisture Max in Xpose 71212
(it looks a bit burgundy above, but trust me, it’s a pure purple)