Neon Brights

A package from the Outnet arrived for me today, full of Cinderella-y goodness.

Well, actually, it’s two dresses for the festive season.  I was looking online the other day for party dresses…and was like a kid in a candy store. One dress was almost blindingly bright – a neon yellow/green confection of lace and tulle – and despite it being borderline 80’s-tastic, I felt I just had to get it. This is it:

Hey, one only gets a chance to buy stuff like this when neon is in fashion (unless it’s from a costume store!)  I’ve been wearing block colour orange for a while now, with pops of aqua or pink next to it, but I really want to try the neon-yellow that’s been seen around the past few months. Yes, I could be tasteful and just wear it as a cardi, or on my nails…but it’s party season! Why not?

Obviously the next question is what to wear with it? What shoes, bag, belt, jewellery, nailpolish and make-up? Since the Christmas/New Year season here in Sydney tends to be HOT, it seems utterly appropriate to accessorise with similarly summery neon brights.  While I love turquoise with the acid yellow, fuschia and magenta also pop well against it. Silver, too, always looks great with bright colour.  Here are some of my faves:

Listing the items as they run down each photo-strip, top to bottom, left to right:

1. Tom Binns Ethno Teknic “Massai” neon necklace

2. Hot Topic pink pyramid stud belt

3. Silver studded Karmaloop shoe

4. ASOS neon yellow bag

5. Neon nail polishes

6. Pink “Ami” leopard shoe Karmaloop

7. ASOS aqua scallop edge satchel

8. Aqua cream colour from Make Up Forever

9. Jeffery Campbell pink bag from Karmaloop

10. Neon Tribal Punk necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

11. Neon make-up

12. Blue statement necklace from DolorisPetunia on Etsy

13. Jeffery Campbell Darian neon yellow shoe from Solestruck

14. Sly (Japan) feather jacket

15. Neon yellow Royal Opulence lace and tutu dress from the Outnet – now sold out, sorry!

Do you like anything from here? What would you accessorise the dress with? Would you do as they’ve done on the website and tone it down with basic black?

Postscript: I tried it on and it’s a little small around the back (I’ve put weight on this year and have just started to exercise again). Looks like I’ll be wearing the other dress, with gold sequin top and black tulle skirt, for the New Year!

All I want for Christmas…Alice Auaa (Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion)

 If you asked me what I’d like for Christmas…it would be either a trip back to Japan…
…or a jacket from Alice Auaa – in my opinion the most exquisite gothic lolita designer today. 

I LOVE this top of hers that I bought from Closet Child, in the cobweb fabric for which she is best known:

Alas, the cost of her work is totally out of the reach of the everyday gothic lolita gal. This is why I bought the top secondhand, as Closet Child is a store that sells great gothic lolita designers like Alice Auaa, Black Peace Now, Algonquins, BTSSB, Vivienne Westwood etc pre-loved, at more affordable prices.
Every single time I go to Japan, whether Tokyo or Osaka, I visit the store and try things on. Just this last visit I tried on these gorgeous jackets, but in houndstooth not tweed:

alas my bust (puny as it is by western standards), just proved a little too big.
Here are 2 versions of the jacket I almost bought. You have to see it in person to appreciate it fully; the wool is so thick and plush, the design so chic. And, fashion-forward as ever, she has incorporated Balmainesque pagoda shoulders to the garment (and I ADORE pagoda shoulders).
and the longer coat version
The stand-up collar is amazing – you can bend and manoevre it around to make different shapes.
But again, the size proved a problem, even though I’m only 156 cm tall with a 34B bust. The bit that’s supposed to sit under the bust, came only 3/4 down mine. So taller people would have no hope.
And there are other items I just drool over…
and skirts, jumpsuits, blouses and pants as well..
I love the originality and assymetry of some of her work
Not to mention amazing shoes and boots
And don’t get me started on the accessories.
If you’d like to buy some Alice Auaa and cannot get to Japan, you do have a few options.
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