Black Cherry club; Victory Roll hairdo.

I’ve previously mentioned one of my fave Sydney clubs – Black Cherry.  Last night it was on again,  this time at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, with 2 rooms and many, many acts.

With it being the biggest Black Cherry event yet, I had to do something special with my hair, and what with the burlesque flavour of the night, I decided to try Victory Rolls.

I watched quite a few how-to videos…but in the end, it’s all about the doing, isn’t it?Here is my first ever attempt…and I think it came out OK. I did 2 rolls either side of my part, a big one at the back, and I rolled my fringe too. Fake lashes top and bottom and my fave violet circle lenses complete the look.

A large black feather flower covered the exposed sectioning of the hair
And now some shots of the rest of the outfit
PVC Bolero/shrug – Artifice Clothing
PVC corset – Deadlygirlz/DGFH7
Red pvc ruffled bustle skirt – Geomythik
Black dress with tutu skirt – mall in Malaysia ($10!)
Spiky wedge shoes – Glad news, Japan

But onto the night itself….
Unfortunately we missed Frazer Bourke, one of my fave DJ’s, but there were plenty more to keep us dancin’.
The Rumjacks and the Snowdroppers played awesomely, as well as the Licks and the Go-Go Haunters.
There was comedy burlesque by the lovely Lauren LaRouge (who we’d seen singing at the Pandimensional Halloween Syndicate), more burlesque by Briana Blubell (Miss Burlesque NSW) and Lux St Sin from Melbourne, and aerial work from Tank.
For the full line-up including DJ’s, check out the Black Cherry facebook page.
I caught up with quite a few friends, including Carly from the Dark Shadows who very nicely came to the loo and latched up my DestroyX Crest necklace for me when I took off my bolero (crest glimpsed here in my pic with Dom, along with my grey fake fur coat that I got from a Swindon opshop for 25 pounds 10 years ago). Alas, I utterly failed to get any pics with Carly, yet again. The Dark Shadows are supporting Christian Death when they tour here on August 13 – how exciting!!

So many from various bands w
ere there and we chatted to a few such as Azzy T from Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls (ex-Zombie Ghost Train), and Oliver, frontman for  Our Last Enemy, who informed me they have the guitarist from Genitorturers on board and are touring Japan early next year.

The night is just getting bigger and bigger, and I wish Danielle and Carla who run the club every success. To anyone considering coming along, I say “hell yeah!”
We hit the Townie pub afterwards, and were home around 5, whence Dom decided to take a few more pics. As you can see, my ‘do stood the test of time apart from a few stray hairs here and there. I’ll certainly be trying more variations of the hairdo, now I know it’s do-able!
Next week is the Cobweb Club (see my post on the February Cobweb Club here). So you just know more vanity er, outfit pics will be posted.  But now, to get all the darned hairspray outta my hair…. 

No:Wear fashion design, Camden

This store isn’t exactly “new”, but I discovered it last year when I visited the UK, in Camden Markets. Everywhere I looked there was clothing I loved, with burlesque, punk and Victorian influences.

No Wear is the brainchild of Austrian designers Doris & Max. It started off with a crochet collection – this mightn’t seem to exciting, til you think how well Rodarte did with the loosely knitted/crocheted look a few years back.

AS they state: Our range, a mix of various styles, i.e punk, burlesque, goth and current fashion trends aims to achieve an ” ELEGANTLY WASTED ” look.

Hah, no wonder it resonates with me so much. It is clothing for clubbing and being seen in.  I invested in a gorgeous neck collar/mantle, a similar style of which you see here, the Zulu Neckpiece; mine has a pleated ribbon edge so it looks like an Elizabethan Ruff.

If you’re daring, try the H.N P-skirt – in pinstripe, it had a very gangsters moll look about it. Fantastic with a camisole top or frilly bustier.

There are also puff sleeved boleros and amazing neck collars, buckled industrial tops and burlesquey mini skirts:

And there’s gear for guys

There’s a greater array of goodies instore – the webstore has only a selection – and this is one case where you have to visit them to see their work in all its glory. So if you’re in London, hop over to Camden Markets and check them out!

no:wear fashion design
32A Stables Market, Camden Town
0207 485 3773
Monday to Sunday 12 – 8pm