In Praise of the random

A few little coincidences have occurred lately to make me smile.

  • Flying back from KL to Melbourne, who should be on the same flight but Fiend magazine’s editor, Gerry! I hadn’t seen him in a while, and he’d just come back from Europe. He’s also the VIC promoter for the band Hanzel und Gretyl that played Melbourne on Friday night (which I attended and at which I had much fun).
  • Walking down Little Collins Street, who should I walk past but Fashion Hayley, finishing up an ice-cream!! I blurted out “Fashion Hayley!” and when she looked startled, I said “sorry, I just know you from your blog”. 

    It was funny and felt a bit serendipitous, cos I’m a new fashion/travel blogger, and am in love with Japan and its fashion, like her. While our fashion styles are very dissimilar, I admire how she’s made the jump from blogger to professional stylist. I did the opposite, starting as stylist/fashion editor of Fiend (albeit not a paid position) , and have recently resigned to give more time to my travels and blogging.

    But how likely is that, to run into her, eh? Especially when I only had a few hours shopping time in Melbs. Which brings me to my next point…

  • I’m in love with the new Cue striped blazer, and as it has sold out several times already in Sydney, I’ve had my name down to be contacted when a new shipment comes in. Well, I dropped into Myer at Melbourne, having forgotten all about the blazer, and there it was, in all its glory!! And in my size 🙂  I nearly wept.

    I wore it that night, with a black tulle dress from Malaysia that cost the equivalent of $10 AUD, and black platform boots from the i-socks store in Malaysia that cost $20 AUD. I got compliments, and should do a piccie post of the outfit sometime. It’s very Tim Burton, and will be getting a LOT of wear.
  • And finally, not a coincidence but something that made me smile. When I returned from my travels, my Lime Crime make-up from Doe Deere had arrived. Yippee!! The colours of the lipsticks and eye glitters are out of this world! Finally I have a blue lipstick that is actually a lipstick and not an eye pencil drafted in for the job. I also have bright orange, pale tangerine, lilac, pinky purple and more…