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Sweet Blog Award – awww….

I want to say thank you to Chung of Pink Glass Heart, who gave me my first blog award – the Sweet Blog Award:

OK, so I’m not really into things that are quite so pink and cutesy, but I think it’s a lovely idea. Perhaps I could add some piercings, tattoos, a mohawk and a mini leather jacket to the bear – if only I had mad photoshop skillz!  Hey, how about these bears?

Anyway, back to the award.  The rules are:
– Give this award to 5 sweet and friendly bloggers

– Make a post about the award including the picture above

– In your post, mention the person who gave it to you

– Put the award on your blog

– Let your nominated bloggers know you’ve awarded them by leaving a comment

I would now like to pass this onto:

Violet LeBeaux

One of the nicest things about blogging is meeting lovely people. I especially appreciate it if I’m a bit down or feeling maybe my post wasn’t that great, and someone takes the time to write that they enjoyed the post. I have my regular fave blogs that I comment on, but I would like to comment on more blogs than I currently do, cos we all should share the lurve 🙂

Quality versus frequency of posts

I have to admit, the issue of burnout or not-enough-time-to-write-great-posts has been haunting me of late.

Ok, not literally haunting; I don’t see the ghosts of posts past hovering around my bed. I just get the guilts when, as now, I’m working a lot and don’t have time to post much. I find myself between the proverbial rock and hard place. Imprisoned within my own expectations.

The crux is: do you put out quick but not great-value posts (eg with crap pics and not many useful links), just so you’ve got a blog entry for the day? Or do you only post when you can really do a good post with great content (thought-provoking, new discovery, great pictures or DIY, whatever)? It’s a common dilemma for bloggers.

I stumbled upon Corbett Barr’s blog ThinkTraffic (which I don’t follow and don’t think I’ve read before), and saw a very relevant article, the Goldilocks Guide to Content Quality. It isn’t rocket science, but it just confirmed that it is better in the long run to keep the quality up and post less often. Setting the bar too high or too low for yourself can cause problems.

I quote directly from him on “The Goldilocks Approach”:

There’s a Goldilocks approach to content quality that will serve you best. Don’t post useless fluff just to meet a self-imposed posting schedule, but don’t predestine yourself for burnout by setting an impossibly high standard for quality. Neither of those situations are ideal for building a loyal audience.

Instead, set a quality standard that is “just right” for you, in that it leads to consistency in value without risking coming to a dead end before you achieve your blogging goals.

Obviously, one size doesn’t fit all.

We each have to decide what our post frequency will be.  I do usually post at least 5 times a week (unless I’m travelling and sometimes even then!), but often on different days.  My “weekends” or days off are different from other peoples because I do shift work.

My paid work influences the blog a lot. When I do a lot of day shifts not only do I not have time to post because I’m not home 13 or 14 hours a day, but I suffer sleep deprivation too, leaving me mentally uninspired. This isn’t going to change, so I am always going to have periods where I’m really productive, posting a lot, and having interesting/useful posts, and weeks where the posts will be sparser. Having read this, and upon reflection, I want to make the posts on the sparse weeks better value than they have been of late.

I guess the upshot of this is to say, hang in there!

If you’re a blogger, determine what level is right for you.

If you’re a reader of mine, hang in there when I do fewer posts (and possibly a few uninspiring ones), cos if you liked what I did in the past, there’ll be more cool stuff in the future too. I’m still working on the content mix, but will continue to have a dark alternative slant to the fashion, designers, music and clubs. The DIY will be taking a more prominent position, especially as I get more used to filming and editing. (And, heh, hopefully some more exotic destinations are in store, as I discover I can get some more leave booked in soon!)

Blogging is meant to be fun, not all work. I need to remember this and inject a wee bit more humour, as that is what I’m like in real life.

If anyone is reading on this quiet Saturday…what have you liked in the past on this blog and would like to see more of? And/or:  in your own blog, what are you endeavouring to do more posting on, to improve your blog’s quality?

KIN clever marketing campaign aimed at social networkers

In a similar vein to my last post, I wanted to touch on the KIN phenomenon.

No, I don’t know heck about technology…but I think it’s a really clever marketing campaign that Microsoft has concocted here.

It is based around the question:


If you haven’t seen it, the story goes….

The KIN people send Rosa, armed with a KIN, around the US to visit her social network – that is, Facebook friends – to see what they are like in person.


There’s the Facebook sleaze…er, flirt, Matty Goldberg, Rosa’s ex, Rosa’s mum, the yoga instructor she’s never met in Honolulu…and that pretty much brings us up to now. Which ones does she hit it off with? Wish she’d left online? Embarrass her the most?

Have a look on the KIN Facebook page or YouTube to see.

Yes, I’m sure it’s a scripted “reality show”, but I like it anyway. The little bite sized snippets of people’s lives intersecting tickle me. The fact that it seems to have been designed with the social networker or blogger in mind, is interesting. Had I not just been given a nice new Nokia N97, I might be tempted.

For now, I’m waiting for episode 5…


Project Alpha – Bloggers on TV

This has become my new addiction!!

Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers.

It is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show tailor made for the online market which provides increased recognition of the expanding role and influence of bloggers across the nation.

Check the latest episode out here:


Or have a look at the Facebook page, where you can interact, and make comments.

If you haven’t yet watched an episode, you need to do so now – maybe start with Series 2 since it’s current. (Omigod, I swear I got heart palpitations just seeing KLIA Malaysian International Airport – I really have a thing for Malaysia. No really – I watched a lame reality show tonight called something like Time Bandits, as it was set in KL).

But back to the series. I’ll again let the Facebook page tell us:

Project Alpha emphasizes that every blogger is unique in their own way, each gaining popularity and credibility as opinion leaders on various topics including celebrity news, fashion trends, travel and entertainment. It is set to be the first online TV show to look beyond the screen to unveil the real faces behind Malaysia’s top bloggers, taking a sneak peek into their lives – who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and from where they derive their inspiration – to capture the attention and interest of millions of online readers on a daily basis.

Each blogger gets 7 episodes, so you can follow your fave on YouTube or jump around (as the House of Pain says).

See the bloggers take off their fake eyelashes!! See their messy rooms where they blog! See them sweat in gyms or scuba dive in Sipadan!

I already knew of Kenny Sia and Nicole Kiss (who USED to go out with Kenny).. but I didn’t know Audrey of fourfeetnine (nor that she goes out with Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang!! who has his own blog btw), or Redmummy.

Episode 5/7 with Nicole Kiss – she gets a hug off the free hug guy…and I did a double-take!! It’s only where I walk every day – in Newtown! Opposite the church and flower shop, near the Dendy. And then she says her fave place in Australia is… CANBERRA??!!  WTF??!!

But I again digress.

It is hosted by Jojo Struys, (and BTW – she’s HAWT!!!)

Season 1 of Project Alpha was aired on www.nuffnang.com.my/projectalpha and www.hitz.fm daily for 7 weeks starting on 18 September 2009. Season 2 of the show has just started airing from 19 April 2010 – just a week ago.

Which means, there are a lot of great episodes left in Series 2 for you and I to enjoy!

PS: if you read the posts of certain Malaysian/Singaporean bloggers, usually female, you’ll pick up on their liberal usage of the term “wtf”. It’s the one case where these otherwise wholesome people seem a little, er, crass? It actually expresses irony or sarcasm, stating the opposite of whatever goes before it in a sentence. (Whereas I prefer to use it just to state disbelief). The use of wtf, too, is addictive.

Wednesday whinge: omigod, I’ve become a blogslob!

It crept up on me the other day.


Blogslob: one who spends an inordinate amount of time on own blog, other blogs, twitter, facebook, google analytics etc etc…to the point where she is neglecting household duties (and possibly personal hygiene).

As evidenced by:
* the clothes washed by my husband piling up on the spare bed,
* the fashion magazines piling up on the couch (forcing me to sit further and further up it to watch tv),
* dishes sitting in the dishwasher,
* recycling starting to peep out of the top of the baskets,
* make-up/lenses/hair products piling up on the bathroom sink…need I go on?

Not that all chores are mine to do…but as I’ve been making a lot of the untidiness, I oughtta be clearing it up.


Nor have I been making time to do the creative stuff that’s in my head – millinery projects such as the pillbox I wanna make.
Nor have I been exercising.
Nor socialising, except on Friday/Sat nights at bars/clubs.

Yesterday I started my get-back-into-life strategy. After all, one has to have a rounded life or the blog will get boring, no?

  • While waiting for husband to get home I tidied the loungeroom. Tidying – tick.
  • I went running with my husband before dinner. Exercise – tick.
  • After showers (personal hygiene – tick), we met up with a friend for dinner at the Coopers Arms. Socialising – tick.
  • This morning, I spent 40 minutes cleaning the kitchen (and you have no idea how much I hate doing that). Cleaning – tick.
  • Then I did some online banking, paying bills and the like. Finances – tick.
  • After this, I’m going through the mounds of clothes on the spare bed, to get it ready for UK guest coming on Sunday. Tidying and houseproudness – tick.

Anyway, you get the drift.

Previous attempts to limit my time on the internet have failed – I give myself an hour and then have to be off, but when the hour comes, I blythely keep going. The only thing that seems to work for me, certainly when it comes to home  maintenance, is an enforced goal like a guest coming.

And luckily for me, my husband is now getting into the fitness thing. I’ve been going running without him for the past few years, so him coming on board makes it a bit easier to decide when I’m dithering, to just GO. The next 2 days I’m at work anyway, so the blog will just have to wait (or perhaps I can prepare some posts tonight in readiness, heh).

How do you cope with the challenge of fitting blogging into your everyday life? How do you ensure it doesn’t take up all your waking hours?