Sydney Nuffnang Fashion Bloggers Meet-up and High Tea

Join Nuffnang for High Tea in your Sunday finest, and mingle with other Sydney fashionistas over afternoon tea!

If you are a fashion/beauty/lifestyle/food blogger in Sydney, you are cordially invited to The Tea Parlour on Sunday September 26 to meet with other bloggers, courtesy of Nuffnang.

Emily of Little Black Book and myself are co-hosting the event, and you can follow Little Black Book  or myself trashtastika, on twitter for more details or any questions you might have 🙂  Sarah and Vanessa from Nuffnang are coming up from Melbourne for the event, so you can meet them as well, and put faces to names.

There will be all manner of teas, scones with jam & cream, and delicious cakes and sandwiches, as one would expect.  I encourage you all to wear your Sunday best – perhaps even with a hat? It’s a gorgeous step-back-in-time venue, so why not make the most of it, and have some elegant photos of yourselves in your finery taken while you’re at it? (Rabbits and Madhatters optional)

See the Tea Parlour website if you’re bursting to know more about the venue and menu. A street map is here.

Full details are below. RSVP IS ESSENTIAL by this Sunday, please 🙂

I should note that there is also a Nuffnang Sydney Food Bloggers Meetup that morning for Yum Cha…so if you’re going to that as well…save a little bit of room in your tumtum!

New hair & arvo tea with Violet & Jimmy

So sorry for my absence chickadees, but our wily plan to have internet access in our hotel room in Melbourne without the exorbitant fees, was made of fail ; (

I mentioned in my last post a hairdressing appointment I was off to. It didn’t quite go as planned and I ended up having to do the bottom myself, after major dramas saw me with Gaga-yellow hair which had to be stripped out again! It is now beige to lavender to dark purple, and with all those 3 month old extensions out I’m back to a long bob.

It’s not too soccer-mom-ish, is it? I’m getting a lot of comments on the colour, anyway 🙂 But I didn’t like the one where the cab-driver *cough* asked how people reacted to the grey colour *splutter*  Dom almost kicked him under the seat.

I also mentioned I’d be visiting the lovely VioletLebeaux and Jimmy America in their swanky new apartment – well, here’s the piccage! (Thanks Jimmy for taking the photos – check out his blog for photography how-to’s and tips).

My outfit
Red straw mini tophat – made by me
Striped ruffled jabot – Black Peace Now for men
Tiny striped hat worn at throat – Algonquins
Striped Skirt – Peace Now (current)
Striped Jacket – Cue
Black & white boots – Yosuke
Since I was there for the Tim Burton exhibition (more on this soon), I was decked out in a myriad of stripes, and my own quirky mini tophat in vintage straw braid. I’m in love with Violet’s Oxford stiletto booties 🙂
I was able to peek inside her confection-like clothes cupboard full of many coloured dresses – I told her to hit me on the nose with a newspaper like a naughty dog if I snooped too far!  It was also awesome to see her various sewing and deco projects on the go. This is one busy lady.

But then it was time for the main event – afternoon tea. There was a trifle-like concoction made of macarons which hadn’t passed their quality standard test, so they were squished between layers of custard and chocolate.

And I learned something I didn’t know before – Jimmy bakes! He made some adorable heart-shaped scones, with jam and cream!! It took me right back to England – I was in Devon last July/August and had the best Devonshire tea there (or Cream Tea as they themselves call it). Look at them! Aww…

So tea was drunk, jokes made, goodies gobbled and time flew. I had an absolute ball chatting with them, and was pleased to see that we had lots of similar values when it comes to blogging – integrity and sincerity being uppermost.
As for the Tim Burton Exhibiton, yummy food, clubs and gigs we went to in Melbourne – next post!

What’s that in your mail? Some nails!!

Just a quickie to go SQUEEEEE!!!!! over a lovely gift I received in the mail yesterday (apologies for bad B 52’s pun in the title).

A lot of readers will have already guessed they are from the fabulous Violet Lebeaux.

I can’t believe how ‘me’ they are: they’re in leopard print, and they are in my fave colours teal, purple, black and pink. Oh, and they’re squarish, which I like – I’ve never liked those pointy ones.

I don’t suppose many of my readers don’t know her by now (see my post here for example), but just in case…

Violet has an awesome blog which showcases her hime or princess style – she can sweeten or deco anything! I am constantly amazed at the amount of DIY projects she does…and the depth of detail you get! It takes a lot of time to get the right pictures, document the steps etc, and she just aces it and makes it look easy.

I also love the humour and sweetness with which she does things: see one of my faves, her day out in Singapore with fellow fab stylish Nuffnang blogger Candice aka Super Kawaii Mama (the vid is a collaboration of the two). SKM also has an amazing and very popular blog, with an added vintage slant.

Oh what the heck, have a look! And please head to both blogs for many more fab videos.

Candice and Violet’s Day Out! from super kawaii mama on Vimeo.

Violet is also lovely in person, and so I’m excited to catch up with her again, if ever so briefly, in Melbourne. I’m heading there on Friday predominantly for the Tim Burton exhibition, but also attending the Amazing Bodies exhibition, the goth club Heresy at Blue Velvet, and possibly the punk gig Top of the Trashpile. Sunday will be brunch then plane home.

What are you up to this weekend? Have you seen the Tim Burton exhibit when it was in NYC? Or going soon?

Violet Lebeaux & Jimmy America hit Sydney! Bloggers meetup.

Last night was a bloggers meet-up that I guess in part was due to Nuffnang. I started following Violet LeBeaux about the time she and Candice of Super Kawaii Mama  went to Singapore for the Nuffnang Blogger Awards last October (as well as Lady Melbourne). I figured if she was up for a Nuffnang award, she must be good…and I was right!! 
I met Janice of Chaigyaru at the Sydney Nuffnang Christmas party in December – she was one of the few other people there that wasn’t a food blogger! When I saw her, I immediately recognised the Japanese influence in her gyaru hair, make-up and fashion. We both had circle lenses on, as we did last night also. You can see pics of that night in my post here.
So Janice and her bf, and me and my hubby gathered at Japanese restaurant “Masako” to meet the wonderful Violet LeBeaux, and her fab boyfriend Jimmy. Here we are, 3 little bloggers all in a row…
My face and jaw look really square here…it’s a trick of the light, I tells ya! Each of us exhibits an element of Japanese fashion & style. I was in lolita, Violet in hime and Janice in casual gyaru.

We were also joined for a while by the effervescent Tia of Vintage Grrl

The food was really nice, but I didn’t bother photographing it. It was all about the company, baby! As we ate, we talked about blogging (of course!), music, photography (Jimmy’s specialty), Brisbane vs Melbourne, deco and bling…and had some laffs.

Violet and Jimmy are such a nice couple, and I was so glad they took the time to stop off in Sydney on their way to Melbourne. Alas, the time was all too short. By 10 the restaurant was closing and the travellers were longing for bed, so we bid them adieu.

My outfit for the night was a lolita type ensemble which I’ve worn previously  (although I forgot to wear my spotted mini tophat, which would’ve matched perfectly!)

EGL aristocrat silk blouse: Fan Plus Friend (link here)

Spotted jacket: Ann Vanilla, bought at Alamode Market in Tokyo
Wide belt: Peter Lang for Cue
Spotted corset: Camden Market, UK
Skirt: Algonquins
Panniers under skirt: Takeshita St, Harajuku
Shoes with crown detail and pearls: Refuse To Be Usual
Read Janice/Chaigyaru’s write up of the night here – she has better pictures!
Read Violet’s latest post for Sneaker Sunday here – shoes with red glitter!

Sydney Nuffnang Fashion Bloggers Meetup

Last night was the first Nuffnang Fashion Bloggers meetup in Sydney, so I was keen to attend and put some faces to names.

Of course I had to deliberate over what to wear, and decided upon a metallic studded tunic from SportsgirlCue studded leggings, the zulu collar from no:wear that I mentioned the other day, a jacket with big Balmain shoulders from Primark in the UK (it only cost 25 pounds!)…and the Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” boots in the tribal colourway.

The look was a bit dramatic for day, but I love metallics, ruffles and beading. I like to think it was a bit Daphne Guiness, and I loved the way the ruffles on the collar cascaded over the big shoulders.

I decided against the orange Lime Crime lipstick and went with purple instead before heading out, as well as Violet circle lenses once again (love that big-eyed look!) Bronze metallic smouldery eyes from Red Earth matched the tones of the outfit. Here is cab-cam.
Jackets with big, bold shoulders can really make your hips look slimmer, I’ve found
The “Tick” shoes you can see here, with a zebra dress I was considering wearing
So, dressed and shod I headed off to the Argyle Hotel in the Rocks to  meet the others…fashionably late, of course! Emily of Little Black Book was there, natch, as well as David from Nuffnang. David might be a Marketer, but he’s a heck of a people person. He got me to tell him about my fashion background, styling and editing fashion for Fiend magazine etc, and basically made me feel less of a noobie in the midst of the other seasoned fashion bloggers. Thanks, Kruppie!
I soon met the lovely Darren of Boy Moments, his friend Louise of and they whisper, and not pictured here, miss-I-don’t-want-to-be-photographed aka Courtney Awesome (who lived up to her name) of The Grand Social.  Soon after I met Alicia of Sea of Ghosts, who had worn the same Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” boots the day before, but in black. Another fabbo person 🙂
Lovely ladies, albeit a bit blurred – myself, Emily, Alicia and Nadia of Animal Orchestra.
 I took a sneaky “in conversation” shot between Alicia, Nadia and David.
These two are like peas in a pod ;p
It was
lovely to sit and have some laughs with other people who love fashion too. I asked them who their fave designers and best runway shows were, and shared mine (my impressions gleaned via blogs and the odd live stream). It did confirm that I must try to get to next year’s RAFW – it’s an experience not to be missed!
After some nibblies and drinkies, some chats and a shoulder massage, I was invited to come to Fashion Forward at the Paddo Town Hall. I did want to stay and talk more to some peeps I’d barely said hi to, but I was told we should be at Paddington for 7.  And so, Emily, Courtney and I tottered off to try to get a cab…easier said than done. Part 2 of the night to come shortly…