Under the Blue Moon Party – den of iniquity?

So I promised I’d post more about the fabulous All Hallows Eve Ball that was part of the Under the Blue Moon festivities for Halloween.

There is a great little photo montage here at News.com.au. I was photographed by them, but somehow didn’t get in! Perhaps I’m the missing slide number 30. Oh well…

What’s caused a bit of consternation in the alternative community is this show from Unseen TV, in which the host makes a few sweeping statements that aren’t true (ballerinas lap-dancing everyone? er, I don’t think so). Also, there were quite number of groups at the event, some goths, some from the fetish/BDSM crowd, some just there for the music, some just there for the fashion, others just wanting to celebrate Halloween, and a comment from any one segment (like the “tit-fucking” comment) does NOT represent the opinions of others there.

I should also point out that there was one room, the UBER room, that was over 18’s only, and you had to get a wristband to enter (having shown ID). Hence any adult activities like the light flogging or bondage that went on, were not going to be seen by minors.

Frankly the most shocking thing I found was the lack of bar staff, and the length of time you had to wait for a beer – gosh!

Having said that, it does give a nice pictorial overview, and there are friends of mine everywhere – the first burlesque dancer in the clip, Luke the twitchy guy in the straitjacket (I first used him as a model in my Steampunk shoot for Fiend), the designer Emily in the green with the leopard print hair stencilling, DJ Aaron with the lime green dreads. I shouldn’t feel too bad that I didn’t get interviewed; my husband as Satan did, and somehow managed to end up on the cutting room floor (just like that time I was a doctor on All Saints, but I musn’t digress…)

Anyways, here’s the Unseen TV clip so you can have a squizz yourself.

What did actually go on was a lot of bands, a lot of fashion, DJ’s and burlesque dancers:

MAIN STAGE – bands
The Mansons 8:00pm; Chaingang 9:00pm; Horrorwood Mannequins 10:00pm; Juke Baritone 11:00pm; The Art 12:00am; and…DRUMROLL…GPKISM 1:00am!!!

Baroque & Roll & Gallery Serpentine 8:30pm; Furr Hair & Beserk Clothing 9:30pm; Dusk Moth Designs & The Wild One 10:30pm

DJ ASH 8:30pm; Celia Curtis 9:30pm; Lola the Vamp 9:40pm; Unit 13 9:45; pmFancy Piece 10:10pm; Dj – Requiem 10:20pm; Lotti Kixx 11:20pm; Dj – Dasein 11:30pm; Lola The Vamp 12:30am; Dj – MetaVirus 12:40am.

On a side note, the funniest bit of the night was the good cop/bad cop routine that Ken and Kiwamu of GPK unwittingly perpetrated. I’ve met Glorious Prince Ken quite a few times now and we get along really well. I got him a beer and we were chatting about Japan, Melbourne etc, and Ken being such a sweety said if I ever needed a place in Melbourne to let him know! I was really touched.

Kiwamu, on the other hand (and I know he doesn’t speak much English or me Japanese), barely acknowledged me though I’ve met him the same amount of times. He’s all about the business, and I guess you have to be a bit hardnosed and forthright perhaps.

But after not smiling (not that he ever does, that’s why we call him “Chuckles”), or saying hi, he sees me cruising by and giving a wave, comes over, grabs my arm, drags me towards the merch, and stabs his finger at a CD, saying “You! Chihiro!”, wanting me to buy the CD.

He then waved his hands around the others to indicate I might buy those as well (but Chihiro’s CD is $30). Though I’ve spent most of my money and know we have a pub to kick onto after the club, I feel obliged. I scrounge in my wallet, see I have 2 x $20 notes and decide to buy the other GPKism album that I don’t already own, which is $20. (Promptly I remember that it was a night in Japan when I was drunk that I bought Ken and others a beer and then bought the CD; must watch that).

I actually really like them live. They obviously look great, Kiwamu plays a bitching guitar, and Ken’s voice is powerful and has lovely vibrato. I’m just not a huge fan of Visual kei overall, and don’t intend on expanding my CD collection of the genre. After watching some of their gig, I went back to the UBER room to catch the last DJ, my mate Shane from Canberra.

All too soon it was over, and we pondered which pub to attend. The rock pub of Newtown, “The Townie” as we call it, was a clear winner, and so we sallied forth to try to get cabs. Luckily for us, our driver was a cool Pakistani guy, who not only picked us up, but insisted on taking pics of all of us, while I conversed with him in Urdu (courtesy of my year in India).

Things got a bit messy – sometimes, literally!

Rest assured, a very fine time was had by all!

Next I must turn my attention to my next holiday destination, Malaysia. I travel there on Sunday, first to KL, then Penang. I’m deciding from there whether to go to Ko Lipe and soak up a few rays on the Thai island, or head to Penang, for the best food you can eat in Malaysia! Quandaries…