I met ADAM LAMBERT in Harajuku!!


I was just walking down Omotesando when I spotted this dark clad figure with a few people around him with cameras. I look into his face and it’s OMIGOD-ADAM-FREAKNG-LAMBERT!!!!

Yes, I have a girly crush. Yes, that makes me a fag hag – whatever.

So, he’s posing, and I get out my big camera – the Nikon DX500

But it wouldn’t focus, not in auto-mode, nor as I tried to manually focus. SHIT!  So with trembling hands I grab my little Sony point n shoot.
And then I snapped the top pic, which is my favourite. There was a western lady n front of me and she asked for a photo with him, as she’d just taken one OF him. “Sure”, he says, “that makes more sense”.
So then we queue up to get a photo – well there was one asian lady in front of me. People meanwhile kept snapping. A westerner behind me says “is that…?” and I reply “YES! Adam Lambert!”
Then I say to Adam “you look great! And I loved your make-up the other day”.

“Oh, thank you,” he says, “….you mean with all the rhinestones?”

“Yeah”, I say and then addd “Mr Gaga!” (cos I know he’s a fan of hers).

He laughs and then says, “I really like your hair!”

Aww…. I can only say, “Thank you”.
And then just when it’s my turn to get a pic with him, his minder has a word and moves him off to the waiting van. He takes off his hat and I snap a final pic as they hurry him away.
“Don’t jostle the Chosen One” I almost said.
Be still my beating heart.
See here for a link to his Japanese interview.