Sydney Nuffnang Fashion Bloggers Meetup

Last night was the first Nuffnang Fashion Bloggers meetup in Sydney, so I was keen to attend and put some faces to names.

Of course I had to deliberate over what to wear, and decided upon a metallic studded tunic from SportsgirlCue studded leggings, the zulu collar from no:wear that I mentioned the other day, a jacket with big Balmain shoulders from Primark in the UK (it only cost 25 pounds!)…and the Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” boots in the tribal colourway.

The look was a bit dramatic for day, but I love metallics, ruffles and beading. I like to think it was a bit Daphne Guiness, and I loved the way the ruffles on the collar cascaded over the big shoulders.

I decided against the orange Lime Crime lipstick and went with purple instead before heading out, as well as Violet circle lenses once again (love that big-eyed look!) Bronze metallic smouldery eyes from Red Earth matched the tones of the outfit. Here is cab-cam.
Jackets with big, bold shoulders can really make your hips look slimmer, I’ve found
The “Tick” shoes you can see here, with a zebra dress I was considering wearing
So, dressed and shod I headed off to the Argyle Hotel in the Rocks to  meet the others…fashionably late, of course! Emily of Little Black Book was there, natch, as well as David from Nuffnang. David might be a Marketer, but he’s a heck of a people person. He got me to tell him about my fashion background, styling and editing fashion for Fiend magazine etc, and basically made me feel less of a noobie in the midst of the other seasoned fashion bloggers. Thanks, Kruppie!
I soon met the lovely Darren of Boy Moments, his friend Louise of and they whisper, and not pictured here, miss-I-don’t-want-to-be-photographed aka Courtney Awesome (who lived up to her name) of The Grand Social.  Soon after I met Alicia of Sea of Ghosts, who had worn the same Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” boots the day before, but in black. Another fabbo person 🙂
Lovely ladies, albeit a bit blurred – myself, Emily, Alicia and Nadia of Animal Orchestra.
 I took a sneaky “in conversation” shot between Alicia, Nadia and David.
These two are like peas in a pod ;p
It was
lovely to sit and have some laughs with other people who love fashion too. I asked them who their fave designers and best runway shows were, and shared mine (my impressions gleaned via blogs and the odd live stream). It did confirm that I must try to get to next year’s RAFW – it’s an experience not to be missed!
After some nibblies and drinkies, some chats and a shoulder massage, I was invited to come to Fashion Forward at the Paddo Town Hall. I did want to stay and talk more to some peeps I’d barely said hi to, but I was told we should be at Paddington for 7.  And so, Emily, Courtney and I tottered off to try to get a cab…easier said than done. Part 2 of the night to come shortly…


  1. Oh it looks like you all had so much fun! So many people turned up too, unlike the Brisbane meets >_< Poor Kruppy looks like the only one there not wearing black! XD

  2. Although…Daren had a multi-coloured shirt on beneath the black blazer…

    And there were others who turned up too..but I was either getting a massage or they ran in and out, so I didn't pics.

  3. That is an amazing outfit. I am going to try to steal that look. And your purple hair is just amazing.

  4. Thanks Siouxsie! I wanna see pics when you do 🙂

  5. wtf! i missed you babe!!!
    i was supposed to go but couldn't find you guys cause i was late!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm so sorry Janice! I knew you MIGHT turn up..but then some poeple were going to the Fashion Forward event, so I went with them instead of hanging around.

  7. great post! hehe. great meeting . we're all so fun . not like stuck up bitches of the industry. eguh hate those people.

  8. btw i actaully was looking at ur shoes .. at a stage. i thought they were givenchy prints. lol

  9. Oh, the shoes are definitely Givenchy knock offs…but with added stud details. Clever Jeffrey Campbell! And yes, it was fun to hang with you and see that you are 'real' too 🙂