Sweet Blog Award – awww….

I want to say thank you to Chung of Pink Glass Heart, who gave me my first blog award – the Sweet Blog Award:

OK, so I’m not really into things that are quite so pink and cutesy, but I think it’s a lovely idea. Perhaps I could add some piercings, tattoos, a mohawk and a mini leather jacket to the bear – if only I had mad photoshop skillz!  Hey, how about these bears?

Anyway, back to the award.  The rules are:
– Give this award to 5 sweet and friendly bloggers

– Make a post about the award including the picture above

– In your post, mention the person who gave it to you

– Put the award on your blog

– Let your nominated bloggers know you’ve awarded them by leaving a comment

I would now like to pass this onto:

Violet LeBeaux

One of the nicest things about blogging is meeting lovely people. I especially appreciate it if I’m a bit down or feeling maybe my post wasn’t that great, and someone takes the time to write that they enjoyed the post. I have my regular fave blogs that I comment on, but I would like to comment on more blogs than I currently do, cos we all should share the lurve 🙂


  1. aaaaw thankyou so much ^^ I'll soon make a post about it!

  2. 😀 Thank you very muchly!