Sunny Orange Make-up

In my last post I wore a very orange-themed face of make-up, to match the orange pops of colour in my outfit and hair.  A little description is in order, as to what products I used and how I achieved the look.

The lip products used were my new matt orange lipstick from Innoxa (from their Couleurs D’ete range), called “Tangerine”, and a lipliner from Prestige called “Poppy”.

The Innoxa lipstick was lovely, moist and creamy, but thankfully not at all frosty, which I find as a girl over 40 ages me. The whole range is worth checking out; there are some gorgeous and very versatile colours.


The Tangerine is just a little darker than the Lime Crime orange lipstick I own, “My Beautiful Rocket“. I forgot I owned it, can you believe, hence me buying another orange lipstick!

My eyes:

For the brows I used the Poppy lipliner pencil over already defined brows, to add a little warmth to the colour.

Then as a highlighter I used Make Up Forever matt shadow in an egg yolk yellow shade called Sunflower (number 71), just under the browbone.

I lined the eye with black eye pencil (I like Rimmel) and then liquid liner. Under the eye I used the Poppy liner again just underneath the line of black. Underneath the Poppy liner under the eye I used an orange blush by Nyx as a shadow – it is the powder blush in Cinnamon colourway. I discovered this line in Tokyo in January and am in love with it – but it comes from the US.  I winged it out past the corner of my eye, which needed blending not to look too harsh. Then I made sure it was blended well under the eye as well, as I carried it a good few cm under the eye (almost to where blusher might usually start).

On the eyelid itself and in the inner corner I used the orange UV Kryolan Aqua colour, with a gold shadow over for a little bit of sparkle. To define the crease I used a browny grey shadow.

A huge set of false lashes on top from the violet line from Diamond Lash, and some smaller ones underneath, completed the eyes. I can’t believe the lashes went all the way to the inner corner. I cut them the next day as they looked a little too long, but I’m just amazed that they stuck so well, all the way to the tear duct. The upper ones are extremely big, and VERY fake looking, but I kind of liked the way my eyes looked like Sunflower petals when surrounded by them. The actual lashes I used are in these pics below:


For those interested I used Revlon’s Colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin in Buff Chamois, and of course I finished off with my 17mm circle lenses.

Then it was time to hit the town and partay! Here I am with another goth girl about town, Alice:


  1. This make-up is so dynamic. It looks so good on you! Your make-up is so great and I love the colours you use! Great post!

  2. Those colours really suit you and your eyes look amazing 🙂

    • Oh thank you! I do think the lashes are way too big for many events, but for clubbing they can look all big and spidery and it’s all part of the fun 🙂

  3. I love this look. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to try orange makeup, but you’ve totally inspired me to give it a go.