Stuff from Tokyu Hands

Lots of random Tokyo goodness coming your way, as I brain dump stuff I’m looking at in trip preparation…

Takeshimaya Times Square – love it. Especially as it’s home to one of the best DIY craft, novelties and everything else store in the world, Tokyu Hands :) A few things I’ll be picking up, unless I see them cheaper elsewhere…

Black eyelash glue – from a felt tip pen! It also means if a lash is partly attached and you need to just touch up the inner corner (say) – you can! 840 yen, or ~ $10.50 AUD.

Or there’s the lashes that have “shape memory” so presumably they stay in shape after a few wears. 945 yen.
I love this black hand mirror too, though it wouldn’t pack real well, I suspect.
Chocolate smelling nail varnish??
I think not. But the search for groovy things contnues…

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