Studded Leggings – again!

The other day I posted about my new studded Cue leggings, and as reader Steph pointed out, they are eerily reminiscent of Topshop studded leggings from late last year. I had, in fact, saved these to my wishlist but never got around to buying them.

A bit of research shows that there have been a LOT of studded legging styles out there – all eerily similar.  We’re a little behind this trend in Australia, because we’ve been having a (very hot) spring and summer  for the past 5 months, while Europe and US and hell, the whole northern hemisphere, has been having a chilly Winter.

In late November, the blog Enantiomorphic noticed this studded leg phenomenon, and Audrey Kitching likewise posted about it, calling it the Tron look. I wouldn’t go that far; I just think they’re punk and sexy. Mind you, having been a cybergoth a few years ago, I have no aversion to futurism in fashion!

Anyway, the pics.

First, the Cue “Union Jack” leggings.

And now, some from Sportsgirl (for less than half the price)

But wait, there’s more from the UK from last year…
Velvet Studded Leggings by Christobel and Desire Clothing, left,
and Slinky Studded Leggings by Oasis right.

Crystal Studded Leggings by Topshop left,
and Blade Leggings by French Connection right.
Black Studded Leggings by Oasis left,
and Silver Disc Leggings by Daddy Long Legs right.

Aaargh!! I think I like some of the other ones better, now I’ve seen them all together! Oh, the impetuosity of youth a-girl-with-one-day-off-to-go-shopping 🙁

I think as the summer closes and autumn commences in March, in Australia we’ll be seeing a lot more of these babies (just as we’ll hopefully be seeing a lot of that gorgeous coloured faux fur in stoles, shrugs, chubbies and the like, but I digress).

I love these stud leggings now, but will I become sick of them, once I start seeing really cheap nasty versions in every discount high street shop? Or does the work and ‘bling’ involved mean they will always be relatively pricey and scarce? Time will tell.