Steampunk Club Night – Steamengine IX

Last Friday night was Steamengine IX, a Steampunk club night held at the Red Rattler in Marrickville Sydney.

To be honest, I didn’t get there til after 11pm, so missed the fashion shows, cabaret, burlesque and piercing display. But I got some cool tunes from the DJs, a bit of atmos, a fun time chatting to fellow steamers…and a goody bag for best dressed female!

People were not all dressed strictly steampunk (some were goths), but there was a lot of colour and creative dressing, which I liked. We heard the sounds of Abney Park, Dr Steele, Voltaire and more from the DJs, and the band Cybridian, who played last.

Without further ado, here are some pics of the night.

Voila the main organiser, Sharon (of the “In Visible Light” store on Enmore Rd, Enmore), and co-host for the night, Luke

Me with some o’ the lads
Stunning Matt Bylett rubber corset below left. Matt is a Sydney based designer whose work you’ll have seen in Farscape and Xena – yes, really! (I must feature him soon)
The insane clown posse?
Some cool looking guys, up to no good…
There were gorgeous red velvet chairs upon which some airship pirates lounged
Some ladies in colour…one a lolita!
There was a lot of red and black…

Do ya wanna see my Frye button boots? I think you do. But first, the overall outfit. Note my lovely vintage looking hatbox under the chair, that served as my handbag.

Finally, a few close-ups of make-up – me and the delightful clown Hexy

I wore odd crazy lenses and Takuya Angel eyelashes.

If you’re coming to Sydney and want to see if it’s on, check out the Steamengine IX facebook page. It’s a hoot! Theme for the next one is Airship Pirate, so I’ll be getting out of my ladylike attire and into my breeches, leather harness, distressed aviators cap, leather gloves and accessories…and goggles!


  1. omggg!!!! crazyy!! you wore different contact lenses in each eye!! and wtf. your hair turned purple!!! 😀

  2. Yeah, well, it wasn't intentional..sometimes one lens feels fine but the other irritates a bit and I'm in a hurry to go out. So both Friday AND Saturday nights I wore odd lenses – but you can do that in the goth scene. No-one bats an eye, heh.

    And yeah, the hair went purple last week. You'll see it on Friday 🙂

  3. Amazing outfits!

  4. Love your odd coloured lenses! Your eyes totally pop; it was the first thing that I looked at.

  5. Looks like it would have been a lot of fun! I'll have to come up to Sydney for one sometime!

  6. Jessica – I was especially amazed at how many of the GUYS dressed up! AS you can see from the pics, heh.

    Chung – Thanks! It's a bit strange, but what the hey? Steampunk is a fantasy genre set in a mythical time, so why not have odd crazy lenses.

    Hexotica – let me know anytime you come up – I'll tell ya what's on 🙂 And loved your Mighty Boosh party..told my husband about it too – we may well copy your idea 🙂

  7. Great shots and I love your outfit!

  8. Wow! These photographs are fantastic! It looks as though you all had an excellent evening! 😀