Spooky halloween type make-up tutorial

I often tend to think that you can just look at a picture of someone made up and figure out how it’s done.

That’s because I’ve been playing around with make-up for years. 

But then I hear from people who don’t wear make-up very much, or aren’t very adventurous, who are overwhelmed by the look of over-the-top make-up and want step-by-step tutorials.
Well, here is my how-to from Saturday night.

Obviously it’s quite “out there” so you’ll want to wear it to a fancy dress party, alternative club or halloween.

Let’s get started….

1. Start with cleansed moisturised skin.

2. Apply concealer and foundation. I used Estee Lauder Double Wear base and concealer, although I have often used BB cream as a primer first.

3. Draw a new fake eyelash line below your eyes – 1/4 to 1/2 cm below (pencil or liquid eyeliner is fine; use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but the line must be fine).
The idea here is to unnaturally enlarge your eyes.

4. Take your red eyeshadow (I used Manic Panic in ‘Vampire Red’) and shade the inner corner of your eye, and underneath the new lash line you’ve just drawn. Blend down towards the cheek and out towards the temple area. Also blend the area near the nose, so there’s no harsh lines.

5. Draw/fill in your brows – I used a brown pencil for now, but darkened it with black later. I made a quite distinct point to the arch both sides, for a slightly villain/spooky look. You could go much further than this and draw Corpse Bride type eyebrows if you want! But that makes you look sad. It’s up to you 🙂

6. From roughly where your iris starts, apply the dark eyeshadow in the crease, and wing it out towards the temple. I used Mac shadow in ‘Beauty Marked’, which is a soft black/red velvet shadow with reddish shimmer – but you could use ‘Black Tied’ or any dark shadow.

7. Get a vivid yellow eyeshadow – I used Make Up Forever in ‘Sunflower‘ – and highlight the browbone, just under the brow. Blend into the red on the inner eye, and the black on the outer.

8. Apply a fine line of black liquid eyeliner along your top lid. Wing it out if you wish.

9. Get a white or cream pearly shadow and underneath your eye, apply it to the section between your eye and the lower line you drew. This is to form the fake new eye – we’re pretending the white of your eye is larger than it is. I also did a fine line at the side of my eye between the red and the black.

You’re now at this stage.
10. Get a black liquid liner and very carefully draw over your lower fake lash line, all the way to your inner eye at the tear duct. Join with eyeliner on upper eye that you drew before.
11. Apply your lower lashes – this is now quite simple as the line is already drawn, and then your upper lashes. I used normal upper lashes for my lower ones, but I used them upside down, so they curl outward the way real lashes do on the bottom. However, you can buy lashes specifically for the bottom.
12. Assess the overall look at this stage. I decided to darken the brows given that my false lashes are quite thick and dark. You may want to put white mascara over your natural lower lashes too, if they are dark, but alas, mine are very sparse and almost invisible.
13. Time to powder your face. I’ve been using Palgantong Theatrical Powder from Japan that’s nice and pale, in Light Beige (it’s made in Korea).
14. Line your lips and fill in with lipstick of your choice. I prefer plums to bright reds and used ‘Grape’ from David Jones. You could do pointy lips on the top for a more evil look, but I just wanted to focus attention on the eyes.
15. If you want to wear contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly and insert the lenses now. I personally need them for distance so can’t put them in before doing the make-up, but it’s up to you, especially if you wear special effect lenses with no prescription.
Some of the make-up I used is here:

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Finally, to get the best theatrical look, grab a wig in the colour of your choice, and why not don a hat while you’re there?  Or even a bindi as I have done, for an exotic look. Ta-daaa!! The finished look.
OK, I could have blended a little better in parts (it looked more blended in real life), but it achieved the spooky halloween look I was after. With more time, I would add sparkly diamante stickers below my eyes too for extra zing.
Anyway, I encourage you to try something similar sometime…maybe October 31st even.


  1. whoa that's creepy (in a good way) 😀

  2. Valerie – we must definitely get you all dressed up and made up when I'm next in Tokyo 🙂

    Riechan – thanks, I like creepy but good 🙂

  3. That looks fantastic! Your instructions were clear and easy to understand. Very awesome tutorial!

  4. Thank you 🙂 I can't see you ever wearing this much make-up, but maybe you could be a Halloween Hime sometime!


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