Spooky Ghouls at Cobweb Club “Undead” Jan 25, 2013

A few posts ago I mentioned the upcoming Cobweb Club with the theme “Undead”. Well – I went…and so did a spooktacular bunch of other assorted monsters, demons and ghouls. Wanna see some fab pics? Read on…

For my inspiration, I went no further than the fabulous “Hush” episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer – and those creepy silent hovering men, the Gentlemen. Anyone who has ever seen this episode remembers them – usually with a shudder!  I wasn’t going to slavishly copy them; I still wanted to go as a female, and keep my hair, but be Gentleman-inspired. (See my Gothic Pinterest board for my inspirations).

While I didn’t have time to make a custom prosthesis to cover my brows and make my face more skull-like, I did manage to customise a mask I had, and with the help of special effects make-up, transform myself.

For those interested in the process, I’ll be posting a DIY in the next week or so.

As for my outfit, I went Victorian, via gothic lolita. I’ve had this bustle skirt from Fan Plus Friend for years, and wore it my very first time in Japan, back in 2008. (I remember going all goth-lolita to Meiji-jingu…and had all these japanese and others taking snaps of ME!)

The Fashionate Traveller in gothic lolita for Cobweb Club

Grey wool tophat – made by me
Skirt & blouse – Fan Plus Friend
Black brocade corset – Gallery Serpentine
Victorian tailcoat – Dangerfield
Spine-heeled boots – Glad News

But back to the event that was Cobweb Club “Undead”.  The decor, as always, was amazing; this crew puts SO much work into props and setting the scene.  There were cobwebs everywhere (natch), tombstones and dead things lurking in every corner.  Of course the music was superb – see the Cobweb Club setlist here.  And then there were the patrons – zombies, demons, Brides of Frankenstein, Victorian ladies, evil dollies, and just a load of gorgeous girls and boys, behawked and beautiful. For all the photos by Bren Macpherson of Octopus Photography see the Cobweb Club facebook photo page here.

Here are a few of those, along with the ones I took:

What a ghoulish couple! This guy had the best look IMO…melted zombie face, spiky teeth, copious amounts of bloodstains, studded punk jacket and an electric blue mohawk.

The Bride of Frankenstein (aka Lana) and myself:

Here is the beautiful face of Cobweb Presents with her fab deathhawk…….Kat Katerwaul!!

I told you there were great hawks! If he had a long dangly earring he’d be a Lost Boy.

Some lovely and not-so-lovely ladies in draped and ruffled Victorian skirts:

Yes, I have some stunning friends.

Trashtastika and Maddy

Oh, and while Dom and I arrived too late for the best dressed awards (won by melty face zombie boy and Bride of Frankenstein girl, deservedly so!) we won the inaugural award of lifetime entry to the Cobweb Club for having consistently amazing outfits!

Leanne & Dom, Cobweb Club Undead

A couple of skelly-wags (bad pun intended)

I’ll finish with a couple of dancefloor snaps, but see the facebook album for more.

I think that gives you a feel for the night (and maybe some inspiration for your next Halloween/Undead night/goth club).

If you’re in Sydney and haven’t yet been – get yourself along! If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, check out the date of the next Cobweb Club, organise your trip around it and make sure you go!

Do you think you would dress up in any of these looks on your next ghoulish night out? What were your faves?


  1. I am excited to see I am in the pictures! Thanks for putting me in! I adored your costume, it looked so real!

  2. Hey, no problem – you looked great! Thanks for commenting – see you at the next Cobweb Club, aye?

  3. And suddenly I miss clubbing! Everyone looks amazing! 😀

    I’ll have to check out the local scene …

  4. Holy crap! I am so freakin’ impressed. Your outfit actually gave me chills. Well done indeed.

  5. Oh thank you so much Ness! Hehe, chills is good 😉 I’ll do a follow up DIY post shortly.

  6. Incredible good style! I fall in love with this make up 😀


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