Shopping in Shinjuku

Today was my first visit this time round to Marui One – shopping mecca for goth/punk/lolita gear. And my, wasn’t it festive with Halloween cheer? Although it’s the top 4 foors that are devoted to gothic fashion, the ground floor was a darkling’s toy store. There were Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Xmas character dolls everywhere, cackling maniacally. There were ghosts and skull heads and pumpkins and witches masks and bats and spiders – AWESOME!!

Upstairs there was even a gothic/Halloween Blythe doll exhibit. Now I’m not a doll girl, but these were ADORABLE! This one shows 2 little girls in black lolita/aristocrat stylee with broomsticks, in a miniature graveyard setting, with tombstones and cobwebs and black cats and little skulls everywhere. What’s not to love?

It took me a few hours to check out the latest designs from the top 4 floors, mostly spent gazing slack-jawed at the huge array of platform shoes and boots from Yosuke. The 2 pics here are only half of one wall, and boots only:
See the space towards the end of the top row? Yeah. I bought those.

The sheer variety was amazing: shoes or boots in leopard print? Yup – do you want them in aqua blue or pink leopard pvc, a bit Doc Marten-like? Or white platform trainer type like Swears with leopard (or zebra) contrast inserts? Want boots in iridescent purple (the ones I bought), or cobalt blue? In tartan? Or just the usual black but with lots of chains hanging off, or contrast piping, or buckles galore, or…
Like I said, the variety astounds me. I am definitely going back to buy several more pairs.

See the faintly iridescent glitter?

I had a surreal moment when I heard Aussie band Wolfmother blare from the Sexy Dynamite London store – cool! I had actually been browsing the Black Peace Now clothing, usually one of my fave labels, but the ‘mother won out and I scurried back to listen til the song ended.
On the top floor I saw the best biker-style jacket in leopard from Hellcat Punks. I bought it.

It looks a bit better on the model on their website. Anyway, I was a good girl and stopped there.
This was just a preliminary browse, you understand.
Four australian girlfriends land here tomorrow and you’d better believe,


  1. You’ve never been to Marui One? Well, the first time must have been amazing. I remember going there for the first time and being like WOW. Haha!

    Hell cat punks is a nice brand. So is black peace now. And it’s so nice that another fellow Australian actually likes alternative fashion! All the people here in canberra are mainly into prep or hipster fahsion… Not my thing really. :p

    • My first visit was in 2008 – this was post was the first time I’d been on that particular visit in 2009. Yeah, it’s been countless times now…and the thrill isn’t quite the same as the very first time when you realise you’re seeing all the brands you’ve loved “in the flesh”.

      Hehe, yeah, I’m not into preppy or hipster looks either – mainly goth, punk, glam, rock and the occasional vintage/rockabilly look 🙂

      • I stick out like a sore thumb when I walk down the streets in what I usually wear C: But it’s nice to stand out from the crowd…

  2. *Fashion* Jeez, my spelling is going down the drain…