Shoe love (and shame)

Um, just a short one today to admit I’ve been a bit naughty.

I was at my local shopping mall and had made a phone date with my baby to meet in half an hour at a restaurant in Newtown, Grub & Tucker. 

“I have one more stop to make first”, I said.
And at the time I meant it.

There was no time to lose, and I was just about to run into Harvey Norman to buy my beloved a new electric shaver, when I ran past Wittner. Well, I slowed to a canter, then a definite mosey, and then my feet took me into the store, all without my will!

And lo and behold, there was a sale.
And those gorgeous zebra print shoes with the deliciously decadent red platform were half-price.

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

I mean, you’re not supposed to buy yourself chrissie pressies when on the hunt for your loved ones, are you?

But aren’t they TOTALLY worth it? I wear black and white a lot, and I have 2 zebra print dresses with which to wear the shoes (justify, justify…) 

BUT….I DID go to Harvey Norman straight after that and zoom-zoom-zoom, quick-as-you-like, sprinted to the shaver section, riffled through the options, grabbed one, ran to the cashier, trotted to the bus-stop, hopped on a bus, and met my beloved at the appointed place and time, lickety split. Phew.

(I know, you’re tired just reading this, aren’t you? Can you imagine how exhausting it is, BEING me?)

PS I also paid too much yesterday on ebay for a dress I wanted…but will save the shame of that for another post….


  1. hah! i just did that today. wittner are now up to 70% off.. i can feel my credit card begging for mercy already!

  2. What did you buy?