Shibuya 109 – a great place to shop, even for goth-punks.

One of the real surprises for me fashion-wise, is how much I like a lot of the Shibuya gal/gyaru fashion, in places like Shibuya 109. I bought a great striped bag in Lip Service early on, and have been seeing fab platform shoes everywhere.

I hadn’t even bothered to go to 109 before (the mecca for gal afficionados), such was my entrenched love of Gothic fashion, Marui Young floors 5-8, La Foret underground etc.. However, a goth/metal friend of mine Akie said that 109 had a lot of cool stuff (like the great jacket she was wearing), so I headed off last Saturday.

It was packed, so moving around was slow. But then, I wanted to savour the shops and the patrons as well. Like most trendy stores in japan, you aren’t allowed to take pictures, but I asked and got a few from stores where I’d made purchases – tit for tat, no?

I was pleased to see some ganguro gals working at a store when I first walked in – they had beached hair, tans, and pale eyeshadow and lips (but not white like manba/yamanba). Mostly, the shop assistants were sophisticated oneegyaru, with honey coloured hair, although there was a good handful of “out there” girls with extreme hair that I loved (shaved sides, undercuts, brightly coloured extensions and dreads etc).

I was on the hunt for platform shoes or boots, and I popped into Pool Side, but it was Flag-J that got me. So many wonderful styles – eeeyahh! Here’s me with the girl who served me (and shoes in background 🙂

And now, for the platform booties I bought, in white with black studded straps round the ankle…
I also liked the XOXO or Kiss Kiss shop, though my photo is a bit shit.
TutuHA on the 4th floor got my attention right away with its black decor, groovy assistants, gear with skulls on it everywhere, and a fab biker jacket with stars (see left). It was quite gothic/punk actually – note the industrial goggles she’s wearing. Just not sure about the sideways cap…
I got the biker jacket.
However, the back is a bit disconcerting.

Anyway, back to the fashion. Many of the trends that are hot in the western world are here too – lots of leopard and animal print, lots of stripes, distressed or shredded leggings and pants, and shoes and boots with zippers, buckles and studs. Overall, there’s a lot more bright colour here though.

Up soon is a post on a geat shop in Koenji that IS specifically goth/punk/deathrock – Nude ‘n’ Rude. But for now, I’ve got to get back to Marui Young and do some more shopping!


  1. OMG those boots look HOTTTT!!! I'm a huge fan of motorcycle jackets in any fabric, print or color lol. I wonder if XOXO kiss Kiss is different from the US XOXO, the clothing in Japan looks much cuter 🙂 Thanks for sharing pics of your trip darling!

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

  2. Love the boots! Can't wait to see what you wear them with! You look right at home in Japan.

  3. Thanks Siouxsie…I actually bought several white and black boots…it's becoming an obsession! Will do more outfit posts when I learn to work the timer or remote on the new camera 🙂

  4. YOU ARE BAD GIRL!!!! lol