Sea of Black & White Shoes. Tokyo Shoe Haul.


I may have gone a little crazy, but hey, I love platforms and you don’t see these babies just anywhere. I already posted a pic of these white booties when I was in Japan.

But I needed a pair for walking…and to go with my blue leopard pants. I got these from Bodyline for less than $25. I was almost going to get the purple ones as well…
And another pair for walking, but this time in my beloved black and white combination. These are from Yosuke, in the gothic section of Marui One in Shinjuku.
For White Decadance I was looking for a pair of (mostly) white platform boots and these fit the bill, even though I could probably get these Pleaser boots here at home.
“Aren’t they remarkably similar to the ones in the photos above?” I hear you ask.
“Why yes, yes they are”, I’m forced to reply, in a Bourdain-like tone.
I really wasn’t going to buy anymore shoes and on my last shopping day I was merely doing RESEARCH in Shibuya 109. But when I saw these spiky little buggers looking like something from outer space, I was smitten.
I always liked Louise Goldin’s spiky shoes, but they had no platform or wedge, dammit!!  These ones do.  My, how they shine under different lighting conditions… *dreamy eyes*
The day I got home, some shoe/boots I’d ordered over a month ago finally arrived from Karmaloop – the Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” shoes. Wouldn’t ya know it…they’re in black and white…
Yes, I may have to admit I have a problem.
I’ll finish with an outfit shot featuring the white booties, and my fave Black Milk leggings.
Perhaps I should rename my blog “Sea of black & white shoes” 🙂

What are your faves from my haul?


  1. The white booties! I love them! I generally don't like white shoes, but these are great! They go great with the leggings.

  2. Your first shoes and your Jefrrey Campbell's give me major show envy >.< lol You have a fab shoe taste, I'm def digging your new shoe collection :) Much love,

  3. And I love your new header! You look awesome, and the art is incredible. I have changed mine (but just for one day).

  4. Oh, thank you sooo much Siouxsie and Glendy!! More outfit posts featuring these shoes to come 🙂
    Thanks Siouxsie too about the header…it's getting there, but still a lot of tweaking to go 🙂

  5. Kelly Cambon says

    I love the Karmaloop shoes and you look so incredible! Don't worry, I have an endless supply of black only shoes. It's terrible but I can't help it!

  6. Hehe, I'll let that make me feel better 😀
    I wore the Karmaloop shoes in Singapore and people went gaga over them!


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