Rock & Roll alternative wedding at the Big Day Out

Today is the Big Day Out – wahey!!  BDO is Australia’s biggest one day music festival, and thos who’ve read an earlier post of mine would know it has a special significance for me.

My first date with Dom was at BDO 99. And then we got married onstage at the BDO in 2005. Yes, it’s our 5th anniversary today!! (Well, date-wise it’s on Australia Day, the 26th, but it was a Saturday, so we’ll just celebrate both).

To mark the occasion, thought I’d share some memories of the day, firstly the pics from the park across the road, before the actual wedding.  Enjoy!

And some at the actual ‘gig’ – here we are on the Lilypad Stage.
It was a wild western theme that year, and we were billed as a Shotgun Wedding.
We felt like rock stars…and just look at all the people who came!
You may now kiss the bride..
Yes, we have tv crews and photographers everywhere – we ended up in the news on 3 of the major channels, as well as several newspapers. And when we got off stage, they had a rider for us – a big bin full of beers!! We had to stop and scoff one with the best man before taking a few more back and getting changed.
Crikey, 2.30? That’s the earliest we’ve ever been, I think.
And now to get ready for Big Day Out 2010. If you see a chick with blue hair wearing leopard print, come and say hi!

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  1. How amazing! Congratulations on the 5th anniversary, darling!

  2. Now that's a wedding with style! Happy anniversary. 🙂

  3. omgosh! congrats congrats!!
    BDO must be such a huge thing for you and your hubby! 😀

  4. Happy 5th Anniversary! The photos are incredible. And as always, amazing hair. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Aww, thanks everyone!! (I commented before, but somehow it didn't get posted).

    Ashe – thanks for the congrats, and thanks for the a la mode inclusion too! 🙂

    Matt – my friend who took these has been a photographer for years, Michael Amendolia – he runs the "Reportage" exhibition every year.

    Chaigyaru – thanks – yep, we always have to go and visit the Lilypad stage again.

    Siousxsielaw – thanks again, and the dreads are from Marianne of Nevermind Creations

  6. Such a cool wedding! Congrats on your 5th anni 🙂