Good question. I decided to start this blog as I was travelling more and more and wanted to both document and share what I was seeing and experiencing.

Also, being the alt-fashionista I am, I wanted to share the great designers, stores, inspirations, trends and looks I come across, as well as sharing my own looks. The blog has become a sort of springboard, making me go out and discover more things to share in the blog, go more places, meet more fantastic people…and generally keeps me well and truly busy.


There’s a lot of different topics you cover, and maybe not all are for me. How do I find the best stuff in your site that I’ll be into?

Just as you found the FAQ page on the menu bar (in green), so I have other pages you can take a look at below this, in the blue menu bar. They group some of the topics I cover a lot in my blog and seem to be of most interest: DIY & Tutorials, Circle Lenses & Crazy Lenses, My Style: Outfit Posts, Tokyo Clubs, Nightlife and Cool Places.  More will be coming too.

You can also have a look at my categories section – in the left-hand sidebar there’s a drop-down menu…pick a category you like, and all the posts related to it will be selected.

Finally, you can always check the tag cloud at the bottom of the sidebar for subjects close to your heart – there are zillions of tags in my posts, so you’re bound to find something of interest 🙂


How often do you post?

I usually manage at least 5 times a week, although due to my ever-changing hours and days due to shift-work, the days I post are likewise never predictable. In any given week, however, you can be sure I post at least 5 times.


Why do you change your hair colour so much?

I love colour (despite being drawn to the gothic side of things), and I think it’s criminal that so many of us are born with the most boring hair colour in the world – brown. So, I like to spice my hair up with frequent colour changes. Yes, it gets damaged by the bleaching; it’s a trade-off to get the results I want. I no longer bleach it myself, however, I go to a hairdresser so it gets the least damage.


Do you really wear the stuff you wear in your blog, out? Or is it just for photographs?

*Laughs* I certainly do wear the clothes out. I very rarely take photos just for the blog. Usually I’m on my way out to a club, gig or party and snap a few pics on the way out the door. I do tend to go to some crazy places that encourage dressing up, so I’m quite lucky. Also, the older I get, the less I care what people on the street think of me.


How can you afford to go to Japan (and other places) so much?

Despite my crazy exterior, I do have a good job, and I save.  I don’t have a car to make costly repayments on. I’m always on the lookout for travel deals, and often go when flights are cheaper.  For me, the excitement of travel is what keeps me feeling young and alive, and so it’s important enough to set money aside for. When in my 20’s and 30’s I didn’t have the income for it, but now I’m older I’m a bit more comfortable.


What other places would you like to travel to, say in the next few years?

Morocco is a big one, South America, the US, hopefully Germany for WGT in 2011, and back to Vietnam, Laos, India and Thailand before too long 🙂

If you have other questions you’d like to ask me, just head over to the “Contact Me” page and ask away! I might even feature it here.