Red vs Teal

I’ve been very remiss on the outfit posting front for the last month, so here I’ll play catch up! I’ve now dyed my hair dark teal & green, so there’s a few pics of that too 🙂

While I still had red hair, it looked superb against a bright emerald green dress, but also blended nicely with burnt orange:


It also paired well with the leopard print and tan top on this Bebe dress, which I wore to Black Cherry (the coat is from Japanese gyaru brand Cecil Mcbee)


Now let’s compare side by side with my new hair – worn with teal mesh shirt underneath, black bodysuit, Black Peace Now assymetrical skirt and a blue leopard corset from Gallery Serpentine:


Oh, and NATCH! I had to wear my blue leopard lenses, seen here close-up:


So that’s enough camwhoring for one post – but it HAS been a while. What do you think of the new hair? I’m getting a head of turquoise and dark brown dread extensions put in for my upcoming o/s trip…will post pics when done!


  1. More awesomeness that I am glad you have shared 🙂 Loving the return to teal (tho the drama of your red was something quite breathtaking) and can’t wait to see your new dreads when they are installed I myself now have dread extz for the first time and adore them!!! Done by the amazing Sharon @ IVL I’m feeling the goddess in me 🙂

  2. OH and as for the corset and lenses …drool I have never seen leopard print at Gallery if I ever did I would have had itz!! Mm reminds me of those blue leopard print glittery pvc platforms I crave there 🙂

  3. So jealous of that hair! The colors are wonderful and add a completely different look.

    And loooooove the blue corset outfit! Simplistic goth with a splash of color, love it.

  4. I’m in love with your new shade. I love the way that the two different colours are woven through your hair, so it has a really three-dimentional look. It’s a gorgeous colour, and it really suits you.

    • Oh thank you so much!! I will like it a bit more when the browny shades are gone (they’re a leftover from the red-orange in parts). But yeah, I kinda like the streaks too.

  5. Quite a contrast between the two when you show them together – does give you an entirely different look. I like the different tones in the new look and it gives you a more mysterious gothic look, whereas the red was flamboyant and fun.

    • Hehe, mysterious – I like that. Yeah, it IS a bit more dark goth, and a good colour for winter, which Sydney is going into right now.

  6. The green dress on the first pic just knocks me on my BUTT with its awesome. Wowza. Thanks for the new outfit post– I was WONDERING where the camwhoring had gone! Lovin’ the new hair, too.