Randa Shoes A/W 2011/12

Is it too soon to do another shoe post?? I thought it was time to check out Randa‘s latest offerings, as my last post on Randa’s Spring/Summer collection was back in March.  I was so taken with this season’s styles, that I’ve ordered three pairs already!

Aren’t these over-the-knee brightly coloured boots just delish? I fell in love with the orange ones, and so I bought them:

There are some amazing shoes showcasing the new colour block trend, like these:

Although I loved the blue, I settled on the pink and orange, as it’s such an unusual colour for shoes…and I have the outfits to match!

Some others I loved but didn’t buy, also in great colours (love the button detailing too):

Unusually for me, I fell for a pair of baby pink shoes (even though they also came in grey or black). They are just so ladylike, I loved them! They would be perfect for a lolita, hime or dolly kei outfit. The coral booties next to them I find an unusual shape, but managed not to buy them.

There are many more styles worthy of a good peruse, either at the Randa online store, or at the Rakuten store Hitotei, where I purchased mine from.  Yes, they deliver to overseas destinations, but at around $25 to $30 per pair of shoes. I’ll let you know how it goes, time and costwise.

November Vivi has a Randa spread showcasing some of the best styles too:

And that is probably enough pictorial goodness for now. You know you really want to hit those websites and have a drool…


  1. DROOLING over that last, leopard pair. I have totally been holding myself back from purchasing a similar pair (obviously a knockoff of someone’s design I can’t afford) at Kohl’s, but I’m not sure how long the resolve is going to hold up. I try to pick up trends in less-expensive areas, like tying a thrifted silk leopard-print scarf to a purse I already own.

    Haha, it never stops amusing me to see your posts come up in the future. It’s still the 27th here in the U.S. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been a bit of a hermit this summer for various reasons. Glad to see you’re well and fab as ever!

  2. very nice. so tempted to buy platforms now that summer is close.. 😉 the one with the buttons reminds me of a pair i saw u with one year at a nuffnang party!

  3. I totally need those rose pink shoes! OOOOH and AHHHHH! Thanks for sharing your awesome finds!

  4. Margaret says

    Hi. I was looking around on their site too and wanted to get something, but I’m always unsure of which size to order. What is your experience with their sizing? Usually I am a US 7.5 for heels, 8 for sneakers/flats and such, but it really depends on the shoe.