R&E for Moussy shoe store in Shinjuku; leopard platforms

I’ve been a little out of touch with the japanese style scene of late, but took the opportunity tonight to check out one of my fave shoe stores there.

R & E/Rezoy

Just a few days ago, on August 18, a new shoe bar opened in Shinjuku, being the R&E Shop Azul by Moussy – I’d have loved to have been there for the first 4 days when they had opening special prices! Here are a few (not so great) pics from the staff blog.


I have to admit that a broad glance at the autumn shoes doesn’t fill me with excitement, but there are a few leopard numbers that do make my heart race. To wit:

One last leopard look, this time in a Mary Jane wedge. The black one next to it reminds me a little of Nicholas Kirkwood in the front platform:

Some are available at the R&E section of the Shibuya 109 Net Shop

Now to bring it on back home, for those in Oz: have you checked out Payless Shoes lately? Despite being a bargain brand, they have some very trendy platform courts at the moment – one of which is in leopard! I tell you, they look fabulous on, and I may just go back and snap up a pair.  They are at left; to the right is a delicious leopard (or ocelot)  platform from Mollini, for around twice the price but with a sexy strap across the foot as well as around the ankle:


Are you ready for more leopard, or are you pretty much over it now? And platforms? I’m just glad that we get to see so many platform shoes around in mainstream stores, instead of me having to go looking in goth and fetish shops!


  1. I’m also really excited that wedge heel platforms are “IN” – I’m trying to stock up before they’re back “OUT” again! Searching the web for them normally is tedious! I’d go broke right now if I bought EVERY pair of cool platforms I come accross… Hope this “trend” sticks around a while!