Outfits for UTBM Festival Night

Just a few piccies to show what I wore on Saturday night for the Under the Blue Moon gig, as well as my husband’s spiffy attire!

No costumes needed for goths at clubs; we just dress up – but I did go more trad goth than I normally do.  I wore a blue-sequinned Takuya Angel embellishment on my upper cheek/lower lash for a bit of pizzazz, and Angelic Blue lenses from Clearly Contacts.

Fishtail skirt: Ozz Croce (japan)
Corset: Gallery Serpentine
Feather-trimmed gloves: ebay
Boots: Yosuke USA (Japan)
Black Cross Necklace: Black Peace Now (Japan)
Skull fascinator: Forever 21, adapted by me (I sewed the skull on)

Dom wore the skeleton mask I’d bought for him at Tokyu Hands earlier in the year, along with skelly gloves, and pants from Gallery Serpentine (not seen here).

This coming weekend sees a ska night on friday night, and a deathrock/goth night on Saturday…so more dressing up awaits. With a special guest visitor from Melbourne, SuperkawaiiMama!


  1. oooh your husband looks creepy! I found someone who had made some skeleton shoes, but I can’t find the link right now, very cool too!

  2. Wow! You guys look fantastic! I love your whole outfit. Gorgeous!

    • Oh thank you!!! My hubby now makes an effort more, as he sees the results are so rewarding, attention wise! And that Ozz Croce skirt, just hugs the curves in all the right places; it really is so flattering I should wear it more. Do you wear trad stuff a lot?

  3. Oh my gosh I was there too! I don’t think I saw you though 🙁 but I was wearing a Melty Choco dress, whilst my friend wore a pink bare Starry Night Theater

    You look really good! I adore your makeup <3 I should have gone to Takuya Angel last time I was in Tokyo but I couldnt find it (I couldn't find a lot of shops when I was there. I did find h.naoto and BPN by accident though XD)

    I love Tokyu Hands! Especially that multi-storey one in Ikebukuro. I wish we had something similar here in Sydney (Melb snagged themselves a Daiso grr..)

    • Oh there were quite a few people there, so I missed even people that I knew there!! There are some good facebook pics around though of the night 🙂

      Thanks about the make-up and I know what you mean about finding Takuya Angel, but there is a map online now showing where it is (and I used it in one of my posts on TA, so look it up next time you go) And Tokyo Hands is just so much fun! Would LOVE to have one here 🙂


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