Outfit Post – pink and black party outfit

I freely admit I’m a bit pushed for time today as I’m about to spend 5+ hours in my hairdressers getting my roots bleached, my hair re-blued, and then loads of extensions put in so I have fun hair for Tokyo.

So here is an outfit post, from a party I attended the weekend before last. It was still hot and humid – twas the night of Mardi Gras, and so I dug out my fuschia brocade corset, and paired it with the cue wide belt, and the black tulle layered skirt from Banana Fish in Tokyo. The crown necklace is from Black Peace Now, Tokyo. The little straw cocktail hat is by me!

OK, there’s sideways boobage movement in the next one…I think it’s making a bid for freedom via my shoulders. However the shot shows the Cue belt nicely – I think it looks good, even over another corset.
When I cooled down enough, I put my jacket back on – a pagoda-shouldered beauty I picked up in Dublin last year for only 25 pounds! The store was Penneys, which is a subsidiary of Primark in the UK. It’s bit like Target here, with lots of bargains.
A crap outtake shot, but it shows the shoulders nicely, as well as the rest of the outfit. The pink jacket lining matches the corset and stockings too. And isn’t my friend Wendy’s shoes adorable?

So, off to Doppelganger Hair. I may even get a few photos of the hair in progress..and certainly post a few when it’s done!


  1. LOVE the make up you have on, the colours are gorgeous together and how cute is that straw hat 🙂 Awesome!

  2. Aww, thank you 🙂 I don't wear pink very often (more often puple). The purple eyeshadow and pink/purple lipstick is by Lime Crime.