Outfit of the Day. Rodarte ribcage dress, Cue studded leggings, Sam Edelman “Zoe” boots.

To come back from Japan, after the last few posts…

Had a dinner date with my honey tonight and decided to dress up a little. Actually, I wanted to wear my new leggings from Cue. What goes with black studded leggings..but a black studded cuff? And for the luxe factor…the Rodarte for Target ribcage dress. 

OK, if we’re going down the gothy route, might as well throw on a Black Peace Now rosary with large black cross on it.  Oh, and the sexy as hell wide patent leather corset belt in the oilslick petrol colour, also from Cue.

Hmm…what to do for footwear? Ooh, OOH! I know! Those amazing fierce platform ankle boots from Sam Edelman, with the fantastic quilted harness that buckles around the foot.

First, the detail shots.

And now the overall look (admittedly blurry as I can’t work my new DSLR, so it’s the ole point & shoot!)

But in the end, I settled for a slightly different top and boots. I wore a tunic top to hide the post-dinner belly I would surely have, and because it was less glam, since we were only having dinner up the road in Newtown. It also has a studded detail on it that matches the leggings nicely.
The boots, on the other hand, were so I could actually walk up the road and back. I replaced the rosary necklace with a simple chain neckpiece, but left the cuff on. This is what I actually wore:

I’ve had the Zoe boots since around late ’08, and I wasn’t aware of the hubbub surrounding them until I was snooping around the blogosphere in regards to this post. They are a knockoff of some Balenciaga boots made famous by Mary Kate Olsen a few years back. I have to say, I prefer the front platform on the originals, as its height means the gradient or angle of your foot would be much less, and therefore be more wearable.

However, on the knockoffs, the front isn’t very high and they are EXTREMELY difficult to wear! I thought they were sex on legs when I first got them…yeah, right! They WOULD be sex on legs if you wore them out, cos if a rapist was after you, you wouldn’t be able to run, believe me!

I wore them down to my local club one night, and I swear it took twice as long, with me stopping every few metres for breath, and sweating like a pig with the effort of walking in them. Seriously. And I’m a veteran of wearing platforms. So, although these babies are hot, I’ll keep them for when I catch a cab, or for photo sessions only.

Anyway,  apparently these sell out every time they get re-released, which I was blissfully unaware of, as I was a reasonably early adopter. I was also unaware of the blogging frenzy they caused (I must have been under a rock, teehee!) They sell for around $350 now – well, I bought them for half that.

If you’d like to score a pair, the seller Julio Cesar on ebay sells them for $349.95.

Or for slightly less moolah, and a slightly different, more biker design, pick up these Maurie & Eve Motorcycle boots from I Don’t Like Mondays for $288.

The Rodarte for Target ribcage dress is likewise still available from various sellers in various sizes on ebay. I found the dress small in the bust and hips, and big in the waist. My bust is 34″ and my hips 36″ and I got the small; I should really get the medium.
Admittedly, it’s a LOT of black, and I need to try the leggings with a simple oversized tee or coloured tunic. I also would have LOVED to pair the outfit with my cool leopard biker jacket, but in Sydney, it is still just TOO DAMNED HOT!!


  1. Might I just be allowed to take the piss out of myself a bit, and say I look like a soccer mom, in the photos of what I *actually* wore?

    And, furthermore, that only the first 4 pics were worth posting? I WILL learn to use the new camera, next week, on one of my days off…

  2. The Rodarte for Target dress is amazing!