Outfit of the Day – Elegant Rockabilly

We went to the Stray Cat Club, and so a few hours earlier, I had to make preparations while my other half got his beauty sleep…

Yes, for the first time in years I got the ole rollers out and gave myself a ‘set’. I attempted the job with an old heated curling tong, but the hair kept tangling, so out came the velcros and the setting spray.
For the vintage look, I used a lot more white eyeshadow than I normally would, and also had to remember not to put much colour beneath the lower lashes (and no lining the inner eye in black either!)  Then I drew a darker thicker brow than normal, and of course, thick black eyeliner, lashes and red lips.
For my outfit, I wore a black skirt which kicked out at the knee with a pouffy tulle layer – it came from Beyond the Trap Door in Perth. The spotted corset was from Camden Markets, and I threw on my Cue belt over the top for added impact. The little black top had dots in it to match the corset and came from a trip to Brisbane a few years ago.
Of course, I didn’t wear the fur, as it is still too warm in Sydney at the moment. I just  wanted to try it on as it seemed to fit the look. Hopefully in a few months it will be cool enough to start wearing jackets and stoles 🙂
It took me back to another era last night, hearing the music and watching the dance moves. It was the era when my mother was young – she used to go to dances and knew all the moves. Unfortunately she is 10 years gone now, but she would have loved it.
After watching the cool couples twirling around last night, I’m even thinking about dance lessons myself. I can do Latin American a little, but have never learned to jive and swing. Maybe when I get back from Japan…
Have you learned to dance – jive, jitterbug, flamenco or otherwise?


  1. I have the same belt and have been at a loss for how to wear it, love it layered over the corset!

  2. Thanks! I wore it another night over a different corset too – some are a bit too long for my body and the belt breaks it up and adds a bit of pizzazz. But note how grainy my photos came out? 🙁