oh, what a wicked web we weave…

I LOVE gauzy web-like fabrics.

My love of Alice Auaa has been recorded previously in this post (even though I can only afford to buy secondhand at Closet Child).  She’s a master of the cobwebby look, and it is incredibly GAWTH.

Then there were those glorious loose irregular knitted stockings at Rodarte.

But how did I not know about this before? I’ve just discovered the awesomeness that is rouge et noir. Amazing, gauzy fabric drapes like a cobweb in silky cotton-candy strands.

I first saw these on another fantastic blog called 5 inch and up – she is the model in these pics.
Or if white is more your thing:

I just love the way these drape! Am seriously thinking about purchasing one of these, or dragging out an old t-shirt and pulling threads out of it to try to see how it’s done…

Are there any other webby afficionados out there? Do you own anything like this?


  1. I saw the sweater on 5 inches and up as well and it totally had me swooning. It reminds me of the Rodarte cobweb tights which are totally fantastic (and totally expensive). I'd love to get this sweater in black – it would really add an edge to any boring old outfit!

  2. Great post!! I love everything.

  3. I do love this effect too brings real drama to an outfit. If you do decided to DIY I would love to see it xoxo

  4. i'll never get over the loveliness of those rodarte tights! i loved them in white! shredded tees are awesome, wish i could do it diy! xx

  5. love those stockings, they look like spider web !

  6. Style of a Fashionista – you hit the nail on the head! The texture does bring drama to an outfit and make it "Kapow!"

    SOAF and Sarah – I have no idea how to, but I'm prepared to waste a t-shirt trying to figure it out!

    Luu – yeah, they are fab stockings, but oh, so expensive…

  7. Becca – the sweaters and dresses really aren't that expensive, and esp when you consider the work that goes into them 🙂

    Lucy – thanks!!

  8. I have found my shopping mecca in NYC, and it's called St MArks pl! I actually saw a couple of those ripped drapey shirts at Trash and Vaudeville today. Amazing feel to the fabric! I might have to get one 🙂

  9. I'm so glad!! You have to let me know what other shopping finds you discover 🙂


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