Nude n’ Rude Koenji, 2012

Back in 2010 I first wrote about Nude n’ Rude – a goth/punk/fetish/alternative fashion store in Koenji, Tokyo.

I always try to visit Nude n’ Rude as I just love so many of the labels they carry, known to us in the west – like Iron Fist, Kreepsville 666, Lip Service, Demonia etc…as well as other Japanese labels and now their own Nude n’ Rude Couture 2012 line.

Since I was in Koenji recently for Secret Dog, ilil etc, I decided to combine them in the one afternoon shopping trip (along with a few other stores, still to come in future posts).

I wondered what had changed since my last visit a year ago. Peering in the shop windows, I was heartened to see the same kinky, kooky, retina-searing flavour throughout:

Nude n Rude store window

 Nude n Rude Koenji

Entering the store you see the shocking pink walls are still there, along with the graffiti,

Nude n Rude Koenji Tokyo

Edward Scissorhands graphic and sexy mannequins,

Nude n Rude Tokyo Nude n Rude Tokyo mannequin

the chandelier, lovely old glass display table and leather couch.

Nude n Rude Tokyo

A lot of the labels from before are here,

Nude n Rude Tokyo

…but now the Couture line is prominent

Nude n Rude Tokyo

and there are Steampunk displays to enjoy:

Nude n Rude Tokyo steampunk

One of the newer brands they carry is Lime Crime make-up, and the lipsticks in particular have been flying out the door, with restock being necessary. I know I wear mine all the time, so I can well understand why!

A Japanese brand they’ve started carrying is Rouge, maker of fabulous pvc items, like the goth-octopus looking thing you can see on one of the mannequins above, and which I show in my video diary a few entries back. I’ll do a post on Rouge shortly, so expect naughtiness such as this (and yes, they do costumes for events by Tokyo Kink Society).

For more info, see:

Nude n’ Rude webstore
Rouge brand 

So Nude n’ Rude continues to be a badass place to visit…and there many other funky stores in Koenji too, coming soon…


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