Next Tokyo visit, next week!

I take off for Tokyo next Friday…and am getting excited!

It has been 11 months since I was last there, unlike when I used to go 2 to 3 times a year. Last November I spent 9 or 10 days there and here’s a little recap of the highlights.


I bought this now favourite jacket of mine, a teal feather jacket from gal brand Sly – seen here with Issey Miyake Pleats Please lurex top and multi cross necklace from Black Peace Now.  I’ll be wearing another Pleats Please top I bought in an upcoming outfit post, but in bright aqua.

Sly Japan, Issey Miyake, pleats please

I got to check out ultra trendy stores Candy and Sister again, as well as the (then) new Moussy store in Shinjuku, complete with gorgeous vertical garden wall:

Candy & Sister Shibuya Moussy Shinjuku


I got to hang out with friends, and see bands such as the fab 13th Moon. I attended  TWO Tokyo Dark Castles, seeing not only Kozi from Malice Mizer perform, but also the awesome Candy Spooky Theatre.

 13th Moon


There was yummy yakiniku and yakitori at Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku, ramen, little kombini salads and snacks, tonkatsu, and a bolognese & rice dish with soup, salad and coffee at the cafe on top of Shibuya 109. Gosh it’s good to stop and rest your feet when you’ve shopped yourself stupid!

Yakiniku yakitori  set meal at cafe in Shibuya 109

But back to this next visit. What a mad whirl of events it’s gonna be! I thought I’d make a little list here to remind myself what I’m aiming for.

Fri 19th
Check into hotel after dinner time. Probably just visit Hair of the Dogs punk bar, but possibly hit the Deca Bar first. Ah, the joys and convenience of staying in Shinjuku!

Sat 20th
Daytime: shopping Shinjuku, maybe Harajuku

Night time:
Hair of the Dogs (HOD) punk dj night
Tokyo Decadance DX Halloween at Christon Cafe 10.30pm til 6am!

Sun 21st
Sleep in til afternoon, head to Shibuya?
5.30pm: Pop n Cute Halloween Party at Shibuya MilkyWay – but if I go it would only be for an hour as….
Black Wall Festa is on at Shinjuku Loft, with Hellbent, Cracks, Link 13, OleDickFoggy etc  (Psychobilly, rockabilly, punk) from 7pm. Orright!!

22 – 26  Mon to Fri – shopping, visiting varius Tokyo neighbourhoods, seeing friends, hopefully interviewing some peeps and seeing some Tokyo Fashion Week installations (I’ll miss the main event, but there are some displays in various places around town).

Fri 26th
Sweet Dreams Halloween Party at Christon Cafe? Not gothic or punk at all, mostly dance, drum n bass, dubstep & electro – but Kera  model Neeko is djing! As is Misha Janette!

Sat 27th – too many things on!
HOD Halloween Party at Golden Gai
Tokyo Dark Castle at Shinjuku Marz
another Tokyo Decadance  Lunatic Sabbath Halloween Revolution at Christon Cafe
Cracks, Villainz psychobilly gig

Sun 28th – fly out!

This time around I’d like to do more video…such as showing the way from Shinjuku Station to various spots like Shinjuku Marz or Loft. I may possibly invest in one of those small sports camcorders that just keep recording while you walk (or do whatever sport you’re into).  A walk down Takeshita St would be fun to do again too. What would you like to see video of? What would you do/see if you were going?

Check out  TVShinjuku for some amazing high def videos not only of Shinjuku and Japan, but countries around the world. It’s my new obsession! I could watch these vids all night.

LifeYouTV is another site with lots of videos just of Japan.

That’s enough for now- sayonara!


  1. Have fun, I can’t wait to see all your photos. I would go thrifting/resale shops (Closet Child, Violet Milk) and to Grimoire Almondel. Your film walk video idea sounds like a great way to share the mood.

  2. Thanks Mimielle! You know, I’ve been to the original Grimoire store quite a few times (and did a video which you may have seen). But I didn’t get to the Almadel store last year – it is SO on the list!