Newtown street fashion gothic style – UTBM Market Day

While the rest of the world wears costumes for halloween, goths just raid their wardrobes and come up with something spiffy. Even in the warm October climate, Sydney goths came out to party and shop at the Under the Blue Moon festival market day yesterday, in Newtown Square. For a rundown of some of the stalls and events, see my post here. Check out the canny dressers below:


Two girls showcased colourful Furr hair and its infamous leopard print dyeing


There were some great looks accented by skeleton make-up, piercings and tattoos


Nice to see some very elegant young ladies in attendance, including a gothic lolita type:


Amusing to see some fellas getting their faces painted too:

But the stalls were what the day was all about, and there was some fantastic fashion on offer, with UTBM discounts making it even harder to resist! Such as these offerings from Le Lash (left) and Tentacle Threads (right). Wish I’d enquired about the amazing articulated shoulder armour.


I did stop at Tentacle Threads to try on the pointy shouldered jacket, and order some of their beautiful spats.  As you can see, I dressed for comfort (and a bit of colour) rather than going all out.


50ft Queenie had glamour wear (and underwear) with burlesque overtones:

Furr had a fabulously bright stall with pots of screamingly bright Manic Panic hair colour, dreadfalls, and clip in extensions:

Crypt Trash had deliciously ghoulish jewellery and burlesque fascinators, combs, pasties etc – Jo and Venus Vamp (right) are pictured. Below that, a headwear stall from the lady who does hats for Gallery Serpentine:


Speaking of which, we had to make the journey up Enmore Road to check out the goth stores including Gallery Serpentine – and I had to take some pictures of its gorgeous interior:

After that, it was time to head to Burger Fuel, before resting and heading out to the UTBM club night. Did you do any Halloween shopping or partying?


  1. I didn’t! In fact, I didn’t do anything on halloween! It’s just not really celebrated here in the Netherlands.. I wish we had such cool stalls! D:

  2. @ Rocking Doll Museum: we don’t really have halloween per say but it is getting quite a bit popular every year. though i think goths are more into embracing it since it’s a similar style/inspiration

    i recognise some of those people from yesterday. shame i didn’t see you! i’m guessing you came later in the day because i got there about 10.45 and left at 2! bought some jewellery and accessories but not quite any clothing. i shall fix that by making my own! and my corset that i made held up beautifully like armour!

    • Yeah shame I missed you too, we didn’t get there til 3.30 or so. I too just bought some jewellery and hair dye; no big items for me on the day, but hubby got some great pants at Gallery Serpentine.