New hair & arvo tea with Violet & Jimmy

So sorry for my absence chickadees, but our wily plan to have internet access in our hotel room in Melbourne without the exorbitant fees, was made of fail ; (

I mentioned in my last post a hairdressing appointment I was off to. It didn’t quite go as planned and I ended up having to do the bottom myself, after major dramas saw me with Gaga-yellow hair which had to be stripped out again! It is now beige to lavender to dark purple, and with all those 3 month old extensions out I’m back to a long bob.

It’s not too soccer-mom-ish, is it? I’m getting a lot of comments on the colour, anyway 🙂 But I didn’t like the one where the cab-driver *cough* asked how people reacted to the grey colour *splutter*  Dom almost kicked him under the seat.

I also mentioned I’d be visiting the lovely VioletLebeaux and Jimmy America in their swanky new apartment – well, here’s the piccage! (Thanks Jimmy for taking the photos – check out his blog for photography how-to’s and tips).

My outfit
Red straw mini tophat – made by me
Striped ruffled jabot – Black Peace Now for men
Tiny striped hat worn at throat – Algonquins
Striped Skirt – Peace Now (current)
Striped Jacket – Cue
Black & white boots – Yosuke
Since I was there for the Tim Burton exhibition (more on this soon), I was decked out in a myriad of stripes, and my own quirky mini tophat in vintage straw braid. I’m in love with Violet’s Oxford stiletto booties 🙂
I was able to peek inside her confection-like clothes cupboard full of many coloured dresses – I told her to hit me on the nose with a newspaper like a naughty dog if I snooped too far!  It was also awesome to see her various sewing and deco projects on the go. This is one busy lady.

But then it was time for the main event – afternoon tea. There was a trifle-like concoction made of macarons which hadn’t passed their quality standard test, so they were squished between layers of custard and chocolate.

And I learned something I didn’t know before – Jimmy bakes! He made some adorable heart-shaped scones, with jam and cream!! It took me right back to England – I was in Devon last July/August and had the best Devonshire tea there (or Cream Tea as they themselves call it). Look at them! Aww…

So tea was drunk, jokes made, goodies gobbled and time flew. I had an absolute ball chatting with them, and was pleased to see that we had lots of similar values when it comes to blogging – integrity and sincerity being uppermost.
As for the Tim Burton Exhibiton, yummy food, clubs and gigs we went to in Melbourne – next post!


  1. I want your black and white boots! Very cute! also please send along some heart shaped scones – i am JEALOUS!!!!

  2. Hey GB, I decided to do a post on the brand of boots they are – Yosuke USA – just for you! As for the scones…no can do, I'm afraid, heh. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I love your new hair! Especially the contrast. Complete purple envy over here.

  4. Thank you kindly, ma'am! Unfortunately the top was meant to be white-lavender, but the visiting hairdresser made it medium purple, which then had to be bleached out again, whereupon it went egg yolk yellow! So now it's beige/grey.

  5. Your hair looks fab! I used to have short white blonde with bright red, but it's just too hard for me to maintain… Regular long brown for me now. I can live vicariously through others though, and I love yours =)

  6. Mikaela, that sounds insanely awesome!! Is it on your blog somewhere, the pics? The red would tend to bleed into the blonde, I'd think, making for pinky tinges. And thank you for the compliment 🙂

  7. Woo! I had a wonderful time, we'll have to do it again soon though this time with real macarons 😉

  8. They were real!! Just in bits, is all…


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