New deathrock hair!

I’ve loved the deathrock look for some years now (not to mention deathrock music and clubs!)  Well, on Wednesday I went to the fabulous “Leopard Lounge” vintage hair salon in Newtown, and got it done. Well, one side anyways.

The last time I shaved the side of my head I didn’t like it much…but that was because my hair is fine and the loss of hair left it looking flat. But with the fullness of hair extensions (still in from Singapore), it looks just great! I got a smallish area near the ear shaved down to a number 2, and left a little trigger area just in front of the ear.

deathrock hair fashionate traveller

shaved side deathrock hair

And the back – both my extensions and real hair were layered, so it looks much more natural, as well as thicker and curlier 🙂

blue and dark brown wavy hair

On Friday night, I quiffed it up really high for the psychobilly band Nekromantix gig. I’d bleached the shaved bit so there was more contrast against the dark brown and blue of my hair:

psychobilly hair shaved side quiff

And that’s enough pics of me for now. Next up is a post on the Leopard Lounge itself, so if you liked the little glimpses you saw behind me in this post, stay tuned! I will also be doing a DIY leopard print on the shaved section, so look out for that too 🙂

What do you think of my new hair? Ever had shaved sides yourself? A full death-hawk?


  1. You are looking gorgeous! I love my shaved side; I’ve had it for a few years now and am still not tired of it.

    • Oh thank you lovely! I forgot you had it…yes, it’s just a little more devilish and less mainstream, isn’t it? Like getting another piercing or something 🙂


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