Nasty Gal December haul video

I bought my first ever clothing frm Nasty Gal recently, and I’m really pleased with what I received. Thank the PTB that everything fit! I got the Funktional “Heavy Metal” dress, the BB Dakota “Winsor Silk” dress, the Leopard Cross top, the Zoe boot (bought years ago actually), and the Space Woman Shades in both black and gold (very Lady Gaga).

Here’s my first ever haul video, and as much as I’m uncomfortable with the concept of haul videos (ie people who can afford hauls being insensitive to those who can’t), I really hope it helps people who may want to buy Nastygal stuff, see how it fits on a little wee gal like myself. We are not all 5’10″ glamazons!! We are not all 20 years old, and we are do not all have legs that go on forever. (And some of us MAY have tummies).  And yet…we can look decent and stylish in our way.. so apropos of that..

(At least it’s shorter than my DIY videos…snicker)

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  2. Your amazing on camera! Wish I had that sort of pizazz!

    The BB Dakota dress is AH-MAZING! I love really feminine dresses, I love dressing them up with the edgier accessories, so the look with the belt & jacket just made me want to run out & buy it! The leopard top is fantastic too!

    • Oh thank you so much!! That’s such a lovely comment :) Yes, exactly, I love that feminine dresses can be worn pretty-pretty if that’s what we want, or made edgier with accessories. And yeah, the leopard top will get a lot of wear, I’m sure. You should get them – or wait for them to go on sale :)

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