My millinery and workroom

Just taking a quick break from Halloween shenanigans reporting, as I’m in the middle of spring cleaning (very belatedly!). I’ve mentioned that I’m a milliner of sorts, having studied millinery for 2 years, but I haven’t shown any evidence of that.

To whit, some pics of the shelves in my workroom follow. Top shelf:

Bottom shelf:


The only hats I haven’t made there are the mini bowler hat with chains (that’s currently in my icon), and the leopard cocktail hat, that I bought before I’d learned to make them myself.
My craft books, fashion and interior design magazines are squished in behind the hats, because the shelves are deep and space shouldn’t be wasted LOL. If you’re anything like me, your craftroom is full, and materials are stuffed into every nook and cranny.
Yes, I have a thing for mini hats and perchers, and I wear them a lot. The aqua hat with the tribal influence and large beaded eye, I have yet to wear. It’s erm…unique. But this post from Twisted Lamb featuring millinery embellished with skulls and feathers reminded me of it, albeit in a far more successful fashion than my own creation.
I do want to get back to being creative in this area, and selling some of my work, but at the moment travel is getting the priority (and I’m loving it!)
And now, it’s back to spring cleaning…erk…


  1. Oh I love your hats! I'm absolutely fascinated with millinery, but unfortunately the hat blocks make it rather an expensive hobby for someone who doesn't know if she'd like it or not.

  2. That's a really valid point Michelle, and thanks for commenting! Blocks can cost $100 or more, and a lot of people like blocked felt hats (I know I did)

    There are other options though. For one, you can use Simplicity or Vogue patterns if you can sew, to make sewn hats. 40's style hats especially can be made this way.

    I'm gonna post some easy how-to's myself soon, such as using old hats to make cool new ones, or using common objects as blocks for cocktail/pillboxes. Stay tuned 🙂

  3. also has patterns using buckram you might want to look at, for period hats like Top Hats, bonnets etc.

  4. Thanks, I'll look into it!

    I've been thinking of taking classes…straw hats in particular interest me, as I live in Texas (so wool = not so much a good idea), and I'm thinking of experimenting some with felting crocheted hats.

    PS – the hat with the eye looks just like the hat that either Ms Spinks or Ms Forcible wears in Coraline when she reads tea leaves!

  5. Isn't that weird? I haven't seen Coraline yet, and I made the hat several years ago! I really must watch the movie soon…