My Interiors part 2

Next up for your viewing pleasure is my bedroom, which is very oriental, and all black and red. We have a four poster balinese teak bed, upon which we’ve draped a black mosquito net – what else would goths sleep under?

At the back we’ve hung a japanese quilt with geisha design, again in red and black, for a quilted headboard type effect. It is juxtaposed against an Indian carved screen, Chinese style doona cover and a presumably french inspired Cancan dancer lampbase – all very eclectic!



Again there is a Cambodian touch with a wooden Bayon face near the wall, near part of my shoe collection:

and generally there is a lot of wood, for a sense of warmth:



Unfortunately my dresser with all my jewellery on top is just too cluttered to show, so I’ll finish with a shot of the bed from a different angle 🙂 Although we’ve loved it, the four poster really makes a room seem smaller, and we will definitely be changing to a new bed when we move.

What’s your bedroom like? How would you like to change it? I think I might have  a more restful colour scheme next time 😉


  1. I’m so envious of your bed!! My dream bed is something similar–a big oriental styled wooden box with sheer curtains. Exquisite!
    Amazing shoe collection as well!
    I might do a post on my interior soon..though it is a work in progress!

    • Yes, do post your rooms – would love to see! And thanks for the compliments…I defo need more room to adequately organise my shoe and boot collection!

  2. It’s like you crawled into my brain and created my dream bedroom! Your living space is fantastic, and really reflects your personal style. I love it.

  3. Goregeous hehehe

  4. Hi just wondering where you purchased the french can can dancer lamp and how much it was Thanks